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Thread: How has Thief influenced your style choices?

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    How has Thief influenced your style choices?

    Over the years I have picked a few things up or had the opportunity to keep objects from a passing grandparent and did so because it reminded me of Thief.

    This cup reminds me of the milkshake treasure.
    Acquired from a thrift store.

    Handmade iron candelabra. Picked up by my grandmother from Spain.

    The bottle on the left with the globules has somehow always reminded me of the health potion, even though the resemblance is mild. The rectangular one reminds me of the thief 1 beer bottle (if only it was flat brown ) , and so I keep it.

    Have you ever bought an object or fashioned one that resembled something from THIEF?
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    Nice collection!
    I can't say that Thief has influenced my style choices, but it has certainly influenced my book purchases over the years. I've collected books on oriental rugs and Baroque architecture among others, in the pursuit of texture sources. I was attempting to fill blanks in my knowledge regading 'knowing what I was looking for' before doing web searches for sources. I still love books, and would rather pore over a tome than sit at a PC for hours on end. Thief has certainly led me down some very interesting paths, in the bibliographical sense.

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    Were there any books that were especially useful?
    That is very interesting indeed.

    I almost forgot - I have this Constantine Green sherry/wine bottle I dug out of a landfill. Maybe I should make a label for it?

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    I have many candlesticks and this candelabrum. I'm a lover of all things ancient, antiques, etc

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    These are excellent books! Nightmares in the Sky was recommended to me by Squadarofl, it contains a lot of game texture sources for Doom and Thief. I picked up a secondhand tome on Amazon for 10 euro.
    The other books have given me a great insight as to what to look for when researching game texture sources.

    Oriental Rugs by Gordon Redford Walker
    The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture By John Fleming/Hugh Honour/Nikolaus Pevsner (a lovely pocket book for taking on excursions)
    The Arts in the Middle Ages and the Rennaisance by Paul Lacroix
    Nightmares in the Sky by Stephen King/f-stop Fitzgerald

    Here are some more!
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