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Thread: happy b-day down winder

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    Registered: Mar 2017

    happy b-day down winder

    happy b-day from me and dewdrop

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    thank you so much aemanyl

    here is a pic i found of the golden child as a teenager/young adult i found online

    this would have been perfect for the main enemy for thief 4

    and dewdrop could have been the key to take out the golden child,maybe a memory it has seeing lily killed with dewdrop from thief 2 metal age

    just hanging out with my fellow downwind thieves guild members today going to take a tour to sunny port :P
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    ty cardia very much

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    happy b-day steve ,hope you and dewdrop have a great day

    eat some cake and ice creme

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    Registered: Jan 2011
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    Happy Birthday Steve, brah!

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    Registered: Aug 2002
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    Happy Birthday!

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    Registered: Nov 2006
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    happy birthday

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    Registered: Jul 2008
    Happy Birthday!

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    Registered: Feb 2008
    Location: Santiago / Chile
    Happy B down, have a nice day.

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    Registered: Mar 2015
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    Have a happy birthday!

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    New Member
    Registered: Dec 2017
    Little late, but happy birthday.

    What is Dewdrop's birthday? �� �� ��

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    ty all so much means a lot to me, dewdrop birthday is same as thief 2 release date

    on march 21,2020 dewdrop will be 20 years old,i hope that ttlg has a contest for it,i even got a idea
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    Registered: May 2011
    Happy belated birthday wishes! Hope you had a great day and that the coming year is a great one!

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    Misspelling downwinder's name in his own happy birthday thread is truly the most fitting tribute of all.

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    Registered: Mar 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    Misspelling downwinder's name in his own happy birthday thread is truly the most fitting tribute of all.
    Yeah, it was intentional. In my opinion, downwinder is a cool guy who positively contributes to the discussions on this forum. One could criticize him for poor grammar, sure, but somehow I don't mind it.

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    Registered: Jun 2009
    Location: The Spiraling Sea
    Happy Belated Birthday!...

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    ty so much all

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    Registered: Jul 2014
    Happy belated fellow September birthday person

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    Sorry to be so late. Belated Happy Birthday!

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    Registered: Jan 2008
    Location: The lovers the dreamers and me
    Happy Birthday, Downwinder! Sorry so late : )

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    Location: The Netherlands
    I'm sorry to be late also but HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    I was out of town.

    That's a great idea you have

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great day!

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    i thank each and everyone of you for the posts

    i think the golden child survived soulforge,if you remember where he was on soulforge map ,he was down that super long hallway no vegetation was there, i think viktoria spared him as he was just a child,but he is grown up.

    if i had to put a age on golden child in thief 2 i would say 8-10 years old,so he would be in 2020 ,28-30 years old

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    Registered: May 2001
    Location: Boston MA
    Happy Birthday downwinder. This post reminded to to remember to put Dewdrop in my current mission (started for the anniversary contest but I am too slow to make the deadline).

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