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Thread: NEW T2 FM: Darkstone Gem chapter 2, part 3: Point of Entry

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    I liked the maze-like structure of the mission. Probably my favorite Pagan-theme mission outside of the 2nd mission of Sensut's "Better Off Dead" which did the aesthetic super well.

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    OK, I completed the mission and found the hidden gemstones and 1215 of 1265 loot. Very impressive mission with a mix of types of areas/exploration even though it would at first appear to just be a pagan forest area.

    I, too, would appreciate a hint on the easter egg.

    - prjames

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    One word: branches

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    Thanks for this mission, it gave me a satisfying experience, i like the colored ambient lights, and the forest is well done and magical, enjoyable gameplay and captivating pagan readables, once again thank you!

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    GREAT mission DarkMax!!! I love these types of missions will have to replay and find the easter egg.

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    I found the fire talisman, where I can find the second?
    edit: found it in the monkey man trees
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    This is a real treat, I had a great time playing it.
    I am pleased that I chose Expert, forcing me to play a little differently than usual around these Maw critters (I am usually not at all nice to them!).
    It was interesting (and sometimes exciting) hearing them, then trying to figure out the best way to find places where I could see them but they could not see me. Is it stationary or patrolling? Are there others close by? Great balance between light & shadow around the enemies, btw.

    I am pleased than none of them even reached 'search mode alert level' before suffering the blackjack. I can imagine it could have gotten real choatic if they had seen me. Few good places to run to (and confusing layout so probably would have been hard to find my planned excape route (the times I had one)). I did eventually find a few items that could have saved me if necessary (two flash bombs and a gas arrow) so I could proceed a little more relaxed.

    A visual treat, with all those strange multicoloured lights. Although those critters had a peculiar tendency to decorate with lots of severed heads and skulls...

    Are we supposed to know who those humans are? (I can't remember from the past missions)

    I first came to that clearing with a creek via the house with balcony. I had more things to do before proceeding here, so I went back. Later on, I stumbled upon the clearing from the other direction, and I was really spooked by sounds that sounded really demonic. "Yikes, this place is haunted!", I thought, and retreated again. It wasn't until much later that I understood the source of those sounds...

    Gotta mention that area with the trees roughly SW of the temple entrance. Every time I tried to make my way through there, I got lost!

    I missed 295 loot, and judging by how small values the loot pieces generally have, it feels like I missed at least a dozen!

    Didn't find the easter egg - I suspect it has something to do with that story the 'monkeyman girl' stole...

    Great, now I am going back to look for things I missed. BTW, is there any legal way on Expert to take out the stone beasts? I presume that they don't breathe, hence gas arrow is useless?
    It's much easier to look for loot if you don't have to sneak.

    Oh, and a final question: is it possible to get into the little area with two Cthulhu statues, a skeleton arm that moves and what looks like a jewelled dagger.
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    Don't worry about the stone beasts, no loot to be found close to them and they are un-koable. If anything, check the lootlist in the .zip

    Those humans are the Dark Sect, the people who are also looking for the Darkstone Gem. In this mission they are behind the Catalyst of Cleansing to destroy it (with no success as you can see).

    That Cthulhu statues area is just for show, so the dagger has no value at all.

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    Location: Malmö, Sweden
    Cranking up the gamma (and being really thorough the second time around) helped to find many more loot pieces (including one near a stone beast ) I'm only missing 50 now. Lootlist didn't help much at this stage* because I can't really say what I have found and what I haven't found (except for gemstones, because I completed that objective). I checked most of the places where I was uncertain but that didn't help. Couldn't find (or be sure I was in the right place) some places in 'Mask Forest' because the lootlist is too unprecise for them.

    All the more reason to replay soon, and then I'll make my own lootlist.
    (* And then it will of course be useful, for comparing)

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    @DarkMax: Found it all now on a replay.

    If you're interested, here are the three pieces you managed to hide from me:
    - Crystal in water cave
    - Scattered Coins in former grocery store, next to the empty money box
    - Statuette behind overturned brazier in cave part with shelf pillars

    Hmm, branches...

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    Further hint: Check branches in the "mask forest". You'll need one or two rope arrows. Still, the easter egg is not useful to the player.

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    I didn't even know part 2 came out and I was waiting for it. Part one was amazing. Downloading 2 & 3 right now. Thank you, DarkMax!

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    Location: Malmö, Sweden
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMax View Post
    Further hint: Check branches in the "mask forest". You'll need one or two rope arrows.
    Thanks. One was enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMax View Post
    Still, the easter egg is not useful to the player.
    Right. And now my head hurts...

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