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Thread: Thief On Android?

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    Thief On Android?

    I came across a similar thread from 2011, and at the time i can kind of understand why people shot down the idea of playing Thief on a smartphone, but times have changed, and criticisms of the idea are no longer so valid.

    Think about it, in what other form factor is a high resolution Oled screen more affordable? Back in 2011 sure it was another matter to track down a 5-6" 1080p-1440p pled display on a smartphone, but times have certainly changed.

    We also have android compatible gamepads that double as a smartphone holder, providing the perfect platform for an optimal Thief experience. On top of all that it is easier than ever before to get a widescreen high resolution thief game going thanks to new dark.

    So I think it's very much time to revisit this idea, perhaps this gentleman was a forward thinker back in 2011, predicting that which the rest of us thought laughable.

    If the OpenMW team can bring Morrowind to mobile phones, surely a mobile Thief is far from inconceivable. Since they removed Deus Ex The Fall from the android store, my options for good stealth gaming have become very limited indeed, I for one would love to see Thief and Deus Ex debut on mobiles devices.

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    It would be a blast to play it with my moto z play and the gamepad mod!

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    TaffersInn tested a tablet install of TMA a few years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petike the Taffer View Post

    TaffersInn tested a tablet install of TMA a few years ago.
    Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't seem to be interested in downsizing their x86/x64 architecture, the vast majority of handheld devices tend to be Arm based. So someone would have to port the game over to Android, similar to what the OpenMW team is doing with Morrowind.

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    That is one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life. Hope one day it will be possible to play it on my phone.

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