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Thread: Hardware vs. Software EAX

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    Hardware vs. Software EAX


    I've learned that after a certain generation of Creative Sound Blaster cards (X-Fi), the hardware acceleration for EAX is gone. After that, on newer cards, for example on my Sound Blaster Zxr, EAX is software "powered". I use NewDark and OpenAL, however, EAX sound a bit "distant" and strange compared to the old days, when I had a Sound Blaster Live! card in 2002.

    Are there any quality differences between old hardware and new software EAX in your opinion?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Okay, I'll test it and show the results.

    I have an old PC with WinXP and Audigy 2, and the current set-up with Win10, X-Fi Titanium and ALchemy. Will test two things at least:

    - record a demo of playthrough of certain part in Half-Life and play it on both machines
    - make a save on a certain point in System Shock 2 where enemies are walking around and opening doors, and run it on both machines

    I will record output from both soundcards on the same volume level, so you could compare the recordings and see exact differences if there are any.
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    That sounds really great, can't wait for the outcome, thanks in advance!

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