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Thread: Halloween 2018 thread - Let's play some scary/horror games

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    I picked up Resident Evil 7. I may have not finished a RE game since RE 4, but this one looks quite interesting + it's 35% off.

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    Doesn't look like anyone has picked up Vampyr or Call of Cthulhu. While the reviews are a bit mixed for both of them I'm surprised that no-one has played them yet.

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    Oh, I picked up Vampyr a while ago. Its introductory narration made my face contort into a paroxysm of delight, because the last time I'd heard something so redolent of finest limburger was in Castlevania: SotN's confrontation with Dracula. It's sadly po-faced outside of that, and there's inexplicable frame drops in a major location that put me off of it for the time being.

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    I figured the Marine campaign from AvP 1999, a game I'd never played (despite loving its sequel), would be a good Halloween game.

    Instead the late-90s FPS design means I am sprinting through corridors at 20mph while orchestral music presumably from Aliens plays in the background (seemingly without cue- it often blows into bombastic glory when nothing is happening, only to go oddly silent during combat), alternating between blasting similarly-fast aliens and wondering where on earth I'm supposed to go now.

    It's fun, but it's less scary Halloween experience and more cocaine-fueled nightmare. Oh well- I might just abandon this and replay the sequel instead, or even the 2012 AvP game, which for all its flaws was still an excellently atmospheric experience.

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    AvP classic is awesome. I tried the sequel after it and couldn't get into it at all.

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    AvP 2 was better when it came to singleplayer mods. Was a few to choose from, compared to the first game.

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