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Thread: Resizing a lot of architecture

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    Resizing a lot of architecture

    As I build along, I'm becoming afraid that I've started at the wrong scale.

    As you know you can multibrush-me using an area brush, but resizing is disastrous. If it could only be corner-anchored resizing, it might work, vs the center anchor if that makes sense. Does anyone know any tricks to do a corner anchor resize?

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    The anchor for a multibrush is the center of whichever brush within it is selected. Create a marker at your corner point (use the GFH to be sure it's exactly on grid, and set its size to 1x1x1 for good measure). Then make your multibrush selection, and shift+click the marker to include and select it. Then your resize will use the marker's center as the anchor.

    Regardless of the anchor you use, you should probably snap all the brushes you resized back to as large a grid size as you can for the geometry.

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    Sounds like a lot of headaches waiting to happen, perhaps you could mess with the player and AI size to balance the scale?

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    Thank you everyone for the awesome suggestions!

    The truth is, I started to become upset at how I modeled the front door of Mothe-Chandeniers after the real one, and of course because I want the place not cramped, and more vertical gameplay fun, the handle was way above Garrett's reach.

    I started to have a internal fight, like maybe I should have been less say, 2x scale and more like 1.5x scale. And I felt like I revved up fans of the chateau way too much, so making it more to scale, became more pressure to please them.
    But you know what? I gotta let this anger go, and leave the place big. It's really for you guys, not them, and if I just make the doors large barn like doors, with sliding lock, and handle at waist level, it should be fine as I've seen other Chateaus have this way. It's for a large carriage to pass through. The shape of the clock area is extremely hard to reproduce at smaller grid sizes. And I don't want to mess with Garrett's size. It can get really weird fast.

    Finally the other doors are small as hell anyway. So they will come out almost normal. And it's so dilapidated, most the areas are gone, so you really can't get a feel for what scale, you should expect. You'll just assume it was a castle, which is fine. Whew... thanks for listening...
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