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Thread: POGOPPL - I'm making a new game!

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    POGOPPL - I'm making a new game!

    I think it's finally time to unveil this thing I've been working on for the past year.

    Without further ado...

    As with my previous games, I've found they turn out best if I have the good folks of TTLG give em a whirl and tell me what I'm doing wrong. So if you'd please, download the alpha version and let me know what you think.

    POGOPPL v0.42 (Windows, 37MB)

    1. Did you find the controls and gameplay concepts easy to understand?
    2. Was there anything that was confusing/unclear?
    3. What level did you make it to?
    4. Which levels did you like/dislike?
    5. Did you encounter any bugs/glitches?

    Any other suggestions/feedback/thoughts are welcome!
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    That's easily the best trailer you've done. It makes pogoing look smoooooove.

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    Kinda reminds me of those pogostick bits in Commander keen, then mixed with bits of that game where you to make that guy walk.

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    Despite having played Commander Keen I wasn’t really thinking about it when I came up with this. Only realized the pogo connection later, when I was googling ”pogo games”.

    QWOP, however, is definitely in POGOPPL’s DNA, along with Skate and Trials.

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    The editing and audio choices are perfect, as always.

    I know I was going to get back to you, but I really suck at QWOP-likes and pogo-ing. Imma try again, but every time I rocket the dude at an angle towards the screen's margins, I feel like the real goal is unintentionally giving these characters the shortest life span known to man. This is also because I keep pumping the let go key instead of the use key every single time, which you did on purpose didn't you.

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    Only played a little bit so far, but a better tutorial is needed. Gameplay wise though great, I actually laughed out loud playing this.

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    Thanks Sulph. RE: key placement: Rebindable controls will be added in the future!

    What else would you like from the tutorial, Piggeh?

    edit: just noticed a small bug in the tutorial. After you've bounced high enough it's supposed to say "Great, now use Left/Right to lean.". Uploaded a new version. Is this what was tripping you up, PigLick?
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    Yeh that makes more sense now.

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    Really, no one had any issues with this game besides PigLick's "the tutorial is bad, no wait it's fine"? This leads me to conclude that either A) you guys are holding back, or B) I've created the perfect video game.

    I'm leaning towards the latter, but just in case anyone has some feedback, I'd still like to hear it. Hell, if anyone wants to record themselves playing it that'd be informative as well.
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    Well, one thing that might be a nice addition is mouse based controls. Push the mouse in the direction you want the pogo to point in, and use the left button for crouch/spring, right for powerups, and middle for bail.

    And while you're at it, export a Linux version for us weirdos

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    Y'know, I was originally trying to make this game like way back in 2010 or something. I was making it with Flash and it was gonna be called "Coco On The Pogo", because you were a clown in it. Anyway, I sucked at programming so badly I never got very far with it, BUT I was thinking of it as a mouse-controlled game then!

    My only reason for not including it yet is that I think it might be unbalanced vs keyboard/gamepad controls. Seems like you'd be able to spin way faster with a mouse, or if I limit spin-speed it feels like it'd inevitably end up being slower than the other control types, since you gotta lift up the mouse occasionally. Hmm, I'll think about it tho.

    I'll probably add Linux/Mac support at some point. In Unity it's often as easy as flipping a switch, unless I have some Windows-specific code lurking in there.

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