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Thread: My life has just turned to $h!t

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    My life has just turned to $h!t

    After about seven years of the bachelor life, being able to do what I want when I want, my sister and her three year old daughter have moved back home.


    For those who require all the gory details:

    Over ten years ago my sister and I bought a house 50/50. Neither of us could afford a mortgage on our own. Then my sister who is in the RAAF (Australian air force) got posted interstate and has been posted several times since. During this time she met a guy also in the airforce and had a child together and I got to live all by myself. BLISS!

    Now due to medical reasons she has been posted back to Adelaide and has moved back into the house. So I have to put up with a screaming, tantrum throwing 3yo and just before my final exams.

    This will limit my access to the net and all the wonderful people and some others I have met here. Won't be able to logon as often when my sister has a long list of jobs for me to do!

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    Poor, little guy.......

    ps. Get yourself som earplugs and headphones. First insert plugs, then pump up the volume in e.phones `til you hear something. Works every time, and is especially usefull on flights.

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    Go will the flow. Learn to live with your niece. Teach her. It'll be fun.

    And do the jobs ASAP and THEN log on. Nice. Think of it as a reward. The only thing is the exams. . . perhaps extended stays in the library are called for?

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    Rent them an apartment until exams are over, then be social.

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    Welcome to my world! Tim adores Smack a Thief, Cultures, Zeus and Starcraft (which he plays with my husband). Get your niece some games to play and use the excuse that she needs a computer to buy yourself something sleek and fast.

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    When the kid throws a tantrum, toss her into a closet and lock the door. Very quickly she learns how things work in this new household!

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    thats evil Vas
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    What do I put here?

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