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Thread: Chon Migoroshi & Mainshock

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    Chon Migoroshi & Mainshock

    I've had a bash at both these Japanesse T2 missions, pretty strange as you have no weaponry in either one, and have run into problems.

    Chon Migoroshi:

    This one has me befuddled. You have no weapons or inventory and, as I don't read Japanesse, I have no idea what the objective is. I thought I'd have a go and hope that the objective triggers. Well I've been everywhere on the map (I think) over walls, through the sewer, through the house. No objective trigger. Has anyone triggered this by accident (or knows Japanesse so can read the objective)?


    The first thing to say about this mission is well done Jis for some stunning looking architecture.

    Again, no weapons, but this time you have an inventory; which leads me to believe that the mission should be called mine shock (you have 20 in inventory when you start).

    I've had a blind guess at the objectives: 1. steal the precurssor mask, 2. escape - but I could be wrong.

    I've reached the room with the hammer priest and priestess. there is a platform above water with a fenced off area in the middle. I've climbed to a second platform above the fence, but I am stuck as to what to do next. There are balconies in sight and I assume you have to do something via the building in the area just before. But when I climb the ladder inside the building I cannot get enough height to mantle to the next level.

    I've even tried stacking a few bodies to get me that couple of inches higher. I've also used a speed potion to see if that can give my jump a boost, but there really isn't a lot of room to get any decent speed up.

    Anyone know what I should be doing next?

    Thanks, in advance, for any help
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    Hmmmm it was a long time ago when I played this and can't remember what to do.
    All I remember is that I had a lot of fun killing people with mines.
    I will re-play it again and see if I can remember.
    Where did you download Chon Migoroshi from? Epithumia usualy has every mission but I haven't seen this one.

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    Ahhh, found it at KOMAG's site.

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    Occasionally Komag gets ahead of me on the Japanese missions, as he knows what sites to check for them. I'll try to fill any missing spots tonight. If anyone ever notices a mission I'm missing, please let me know.
    - J<

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    It may be worth taking a visit to Komag's site as he has a small handfull which you don't yet have, including a working Sakura's Dragon eye.
    There is also a third mission belonging to the German trilogy available, check the other threads for an address.

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    Right....Main Shock is completely different to Mine shock and have had to play it through.
    I did manage to mantle up at the place where you are stuck without any extra height...keep trying the side you are facing as you climb the ladder.
    After this you will spend the next couple of hours just running around corridors, trying to find the mask.
    I now have the mask, but am stuck with a key (1 of 3) that I don't know how to use.
    There is a lock just past the Wood Beast which I cannot open and am assuming that this is where I mudt go now. Anyone done this?

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    Yep, I now have all of those missions plus a couple of extras that I haven't seen elsewhere. I don't have Sakura because as far as I know you can't actually play it and I don't really want to distribute something with that kind of problem. (I get enough email as it is.)
    - J<

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    I fixed Sakura - all better
    The Keep for Thief 1 and 2 FMs, Shadowdark for Thief 3 and Dark Mod FMs

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    Originally posted by Orson
    Right....Main Shock is completely different to Mine shock and have had to play it through.
    I realise this, I think my comment was re the translation of the title (based around the large number of mines in the inventory) - and a guess at that . Sorry if I confused.

    I did manage to mantle up at the place where you are stuck without any extra height...keep trying the side you are facing as you climb the ladder.
    Thanks for that. To be fair, Dreamer also sent me a message to say the same thing. I did try - for about half an hour and got thoroughly frustrated with it. I will return to this one later, but am presently totally engrossed in Christine's excellent Lord Ashton series.


    As Komag said, Sakura is all fixed now, and a good little mission if you've got 15 minutes to spare.
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    You seem to be further along than i am. I'm stuck and wondering if you can give me a few hints.
    I've made it to the top of the stairs that lead to a church with a lady and two guys dressed as keepers. I've been past the patrolling guard just before that, and have made it as far as the garden outside. There is a door at the back and to the right of the garden that i can't open, and i only have one lockpick which doesn't unlock the door.

    Can you help?

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    Tried Chon Migoroshi but I'm having the same problems as Taliesin. I have been everywhere but can't pick up or touch anything. Does anybody know what the objective is in English?

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    You won't get the lock pick until you have the mask. You need to keep exploring until you find a lord with a sword, he has a key on his belt which opens the way to get the mask. This is all past the garden.

    As I said, there is a lot of running around to do, lots of stairs and corridors.
    There is a key that opens the sewer door in the garden which leads to the area you need. I can't remember where the key is though.

    I will have a look 'round again to get a better image of where
    the key
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    Thanks for the hints Orson. I went back to have another look round and found a door i had missed. It led to the key i needed.
    I have the mask, my lockpick, and have tried to get past the tree beast, and past the gate behind it. I'm like you, i can't get past the gate using either the black key or my lockpicks.

    Time for another looong look round.

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    Cool. Let me know if you make any progress because I'm stumped.

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    I've managed to finish it.
    You open the gate to the wood beast and his little friend. Somehow you have to get into the room, past the W.B's friend, and on the right there is a short hallway you can go down. This leads to a room with a wood door and a metal door. Head through the metal door and in that area you'll find the key for the last gate.

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    Woohoo! Thanks.

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    OK, I've gotten to the last room with the ent and the Karate Kid. I've got two keys. One I got from the pirate, and the other I had to swim for. I lured the TreeBeast up onto the catwalk, jumped down, ran in, only to find that the gate is locked, and I can't open it with any of the keys I have. I can't pick the lock, either. Then I get stomped by the Ent.

    I've also tried blowing him up, but scientific method has proven that he can take at least seven mines and still not die. I don't have any other mines, so I'm SOL. What now?

    Thanks for the help, taffers!


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    Pulse check. Anyone out there?


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    Take a look at the post above yout first one. This explains what to do in your situation.
    Also, the Pirate has 2 keys, one on his belt and one in the chest in front of him.
    I did actually manage to destroy the tree beast as I had plenty of mines left, but I suppose you could just run around him. The doorway is kind of hard to spot, hell I missed it. Hope this helps.

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    Did anyone ever figure out the objective for Chon Migoroshi?

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    Not me am still roaming aimlessly and without even a blackjack to keep me amused!

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    Ditto for me in Chon Migoroshi. I had thought that maybe the "5 ningas" meant that I was to kill (or cause to be killed) the 5 gaurds but there is no way to do that. Maybe you are to be the last one standing? Let everyone else kill each other?

    I took a stab at Main Shock... and would it have killed the author to include one little crate? Would it really have harmed the mission to have included it? I'm sorry but after a few hundred tries to mantle up that wall I loose interest. This may well be a good mission but if I only get to see a little of it then I can't judge what I can't see. I'm sorry but this one flunks the fun scale and gets an A+ in frustration. There are to many great missions out there for me to waste my time jumping up and down like a trapped rat. This is not what I play Thief for. Sorry but I had to get that off my chest.
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    In your reply to Dreamer on 5/29, you stated that the lord with the sword had the key to open the room with the mask and second lock pick. I have this key, but it doesn't open the door. I started to use my first lockpick, and the handle moved as if I was making progress. Could this have interfered with the actual keys effectiveness on the lock?

    Thank you.
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    this person finished

    Apr 4, 2002 02:56 PM

    Lady Jo

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    My list :

    - After the Party
    - Airship
    - Akhenaten's Tomb
    - A Noble Death
    - A Secret Affair
    - A Smuggler's Request
    - Airship
    - Alchemic Allusions
    - Alliance
    - Bassett's Keep
    - Bloodsport
    - Breaking and Entering
    - Breakout
    - Calendra's Cistern
    - Calendra's Legacy
    - Chasing Sergeant Chase
    - Chon Migoroshi
    - Circle of Strain
    - Circle of Strain 2

    maybe could help ??

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    No. The key the Pirate has opens A door that gets you to the mask in a round about way.
    (The Pirate is the Lord in white with the sword)

    Then you use both lock picks to get out of that room. There is no key for that room.

    And may I take this opportunity to apologize for my previous post. I learned the trick for getting up the ledge that frustrated Taliesin and myself from Hit Deity and now I feal like a shmuck. I argee with Taliesin that the architecture is stunning. I was frustated with the other Japanese mission and carried it over to this one. So again I apologize.

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