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Thread: Joining guilds and a some other questions

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    Joining guilds and a some other questions


    I've been playing Morrowind for a while (what a great game) and I'm now at level 6. I've joined the Mages and Fighters Guild and have done a number of quests for both of them.

    Now my question is: Would there be any problems if I also want to join the Thieves Guild? I'm enjoying this game so much I want to do as much as possible, so I thought I'd rise in 3 guilds if thats possible and not something that will cause a lot of problems.

    Also, I've been approached by the guy in Moonmoth(?) forth who told the stories about the bad people... It seems I can also join there. Is that also something I should do or do some of these memberships exclude each other. I want to keep going in the mages and fighters guild.

    Finally, I've found the "bad people" at the corner club, but there's (apparently) no way to force the fight.. Am I supposed to just kill these people on sight?

    Thanks for any help and feedback.


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    Well, you can join any amount of guilds you want to as long as you have the skills, but be warned that all the guilds are not on good terms(fighters and thieves for example), and as you raise up the guilds you may face the task of having to work against one of those guilds to advance in the other.

    I did the Camonna Tong hit thing from that guy, I wasnt in any particular guild or gorup when I did it, he offers it to everybody. You could opt to murder all of them and he'll take care of the fines(I think, not sure on this) or you could taunt them into attacking first and not get any fines, which is what he'd prefer...he'll give you extra reward if you kill them "legally"

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    Bah, just kill everything, save a few councilors and ashlander people. On that note, join the Tong. Fun storyline.

    And I still want my pitched, scripted House War on a big ass plain. Modmakers, hurry up.

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    I hate the morag tong... My initiation was to kill this guy I needed for a redoran quest... I got around it with the editor... but still, I hate the morag tong...

    When I become master of it, I'm probably gonna kill everyone in it.

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    They ask you(in the Tong) to retrieve a bunch of artifacts for some hoe lady. When you become master you have option to duel the ex-master, or let him live. Let him live then kill him ghetto style =D

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    trust me, there is no limit to guilds, except certain quests, which can generally be gotten around a different way, and skills. i have joined, and am the leader of, mages, fighters, temple, cult, telvanni, morag.

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    I think the Morag Tong guild was specifically created to punish the bloody-minded players... Having to take off all of my clothes (most of my stuff is stolen, and I have no convenient way of telling which is not, so I take it all off) after a "reported" execution just so the guards won't strip me doesn't help matters either.


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