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Thread: HELP: my personality has gone DOWN. WHY???!

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    HELP: my personality has gone DOWN. WHY???!

    My character's personality started at 30. It is now 25 and is highlighted in red in the stats menu. There is absolutely no explanation anywhere in the game or in the manual of how or why an ability score might decrease. Nor is there any explanation anywhere of what it means if one of your ability scores is marked red in the stats menu.

    Worst yet: I levelled up earlier today and while I was leveling up I was informed that my personality was 30, like it is suppossed to be, but when gameplay resumed it was still 25 and marked in a red font.

    Can somebody please tell my why my personality has decreased and what I can do about it?

    thank you!!!!!

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    Because your character has taken a sudden distaste to bathing.

    Actually no, you just got a curse type of thing.

    Go to a temple and look for an Almsivi Restoration on a shrine, or buy some 'restore personality' potions.

    This curse crap will happen frequently, btw.

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    thanks. so is there some kind of icon or other indicator that tells you when you are cursed? or is the "red" font in the stats menu the only indicator you are going to get???

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    There is mention of it in the manual, it's just not emphasized. Much like the Unix manpages, the manual is not meant to be skimmed.

    There are two types of attribute reducing spells: Drain Attribute, and Damage Attribute.

    Drain Attribute reduces the attribute by the magnitude for the duration of the spell. This means that when the spell is over, the icon you would get in the lower right disappears and your attribute returns to normal.

    Damage Attribute is much like Damage Health. Duration just means that you take the magnitude in damage to your attribute for the duration of the spell. Like damage to your health, it remains until it's healed by the appropriate Restore Attribute effect (this is basically what's in the manual, under Damage which is an effect listed under the school of Destruction). The damaged attribute will be highlighted in red until you heal the damage, in which case it will return to normal.

    You don't get an icon because you're not under any effect, any more than you're under any kind of effect when you take damage from a sword.

    There're a couple of ways to get your attribute restored. Most potion vendors will have a Restore potion for every attribute. You could also look for a Restore Attribute spell. Lastly, if you go to the a Temple of the Imperial Cult, they have altars that will restore all of your attributes for a nominal fee (25 gp for non-members).

    It doesn't happen all that often, and it's easy to fix, so I wouldn't worry about it. I can only think of a couple that routinely do it: Bone Lords (they reduce speed), and Greater Bonewalkers (who reduce Strength and Endurance).

    - Tra'Hari

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    So would this be the reason all of my defence skills have gone to 0?
    I levelled up twice reasonably quickly and had a couple of dreams. When I woke up my unarmored, heavy, medium and light armor skills had been reduced to 0 in red font.
    I was about to start searching the forum til I saw this thread.

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    What I did is to enchant a set of 4 jeweleries that each restore 2 attributes. They are really very easy to make if you have even a little skill in Enchant.

    hooka: Did you by any chance used a Fury sword or something? I heard that this sword is f*cked up and would reduce your armour skills. Haven't found it myself though.

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    Actually, yeah, I did. I picked it up about 10 minutes before I went to the trainer.
    I thought it might have been the dream telling me something.
    A guy reaching out to touch me and I can't move. My char thinks he is trying to put a spell on him.

    Will throwing the sword out into the middle of the ocean help at all?
    I only took about 3 swings with it and went back to my glass dagger.

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    Yes, Fury is one of those blessing / curse swords, where it damages your various armor skills in exchange for some bonus straight to your attack. I found it, never used it.

    What follows isn't much of a spoiler, but if you're as anal about it as I am, it might be.
    It's one of those relatively rare Constant Effect items, too. I'm still looking for a soul that can give me that; the best (or most expensive, anyway) soul I've managed to get my hands on thus far has been a Hunger. I need to try to snatch one off of an Ascended Sleeper or something.

    If you're reading this, don't tell me what souls give you Constant Effect; I want to find it out for myself. :)

    - Tra'Hari

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    I won't say any specifics, but anything powerful enough to grant a worth of 80000 in a Grand Soul Gem

    And about restore attribute... if you learn the effect for any attribute, you know the effects for ALL, so if you learn restore strength, you can enchant an item to restore any attribute you want. I would do so, it's a really cheap but increadibly useful enchantment.

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