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Thread: Atop the lighthouse

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    Atop the lighthouse

    The topic says it all: Garret visited the roof of the lighthouse (Precious cargo).

    Almost there...

    View from the top!

    A snapshot for the photo album

    The big stack of crates

    Same from the top

    As you can see, I developed a new stacking method that works without any support stack. Each crate can be added to the floating staircase. The most important technique is to not drop the crates straight down but to look horizontally and then drop them. This way, the area atop the crate you can stand and place other crates on is *much* lager. The staircase you see consists of about 30 crates and took roughly 6 hours to build. This is almost twice as high as the stack I built at Angelwatch. It's hard to describe the stacking technique. I'll provide more information later.

    And two shots for the frogbeasting competition

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    May I be the first to congratulate you on this accomplishment, your best yet, and the new stacking style! Tried this myself, but was unsuccessful... have to try again. Can't fathom how this could be beaten...

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    Although that new stacking method allows to make much higher stacks, or rather staircases, it completely takes the thrill out of roof climbing for me. Once you've understood how it works it's so easy (yet tedious) that stacking becomes rather boring. With that method, the Angelwatch climb now looks ridiculously easy, with only half the crates. I bet it's now even possible to get up to the top of the blue thing on the Angelwatch roof.

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    Lmao, that spiral staircase of crates looks beautiful. I'm wondering a bit how to stack like that though without another pile to pick up from. Or do you have to actually jump onto each crate (read "step") in the staircase? I think Luthien has hit a new (unknown to us before) level of insanity.

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    I'm at a loss off words

    Not really... that looks just crazy.

    I have always known about the weird physics in Thief but to see it used (spell:e xploited) in such a way is just great.

    Twenty Thumbs up, and keep going

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    You .. you .. you freak!

    And it feels oddly familiar, after having played Thief 2 E for one and a half year, to read "Speicherung erfolgte" and "Froschei" and stuff like that.
    Weiter so!

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    You're the one!

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    Well done, Luthien

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    I tried stacking like that, but couldn't mangae 3-4 crates
    The problem was jumping up and forward without bumping the crates...

    So, good show Luthien

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    How many slow fall potions do you have? A thief could get hurt from a fall from that height. Again Luthien continues to amaze.

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    Slyfoxx, you can fall from great heights without taking damage if you land on an AI (such as a frogbeast).

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    I forgot about that. I've just never tried it myself. The bottom drops out of my stomach when Garrett falls from a grand height. It would be tough for me to jump voluntarily. Clint Eastwood said in the movie...(I think it was) "Heartbreak Ridge." "Don't worry son...jumping out of a perfectly sound aircraft is not a natural act." Hence this would be similar to Luthien taking the plundge here. I guess that's why he's holding the Frogbeast Egg.

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    Now that's what I call a stack!

    Very cool, Luthien I hope you'll never stop providing us with these cool pics (atleast not until Thief III arrives )

    /me for president

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    What happens if you remove the first crate ? the one at the very bottom ?

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    I'll explain that technique in detail soon.

    The good news is: you can simply walk down the staircase No falling involved.

    Frogbeasts don't work well in Precious cargo. You still take heavy damage when you land on them. I got down by a combination of sliding, bouncing off edges, landing on the frogbeast and taking lots of damage.

    The crates start dropping down one by one, beginning with the lowest one. Looks very funny. Maybe gravity doesn't travel at the speed of light but rather walkingspeed in Thief

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    Up, up and away! That staircase looks sweet.. Any chance this could be used to reach the top of the mage towers in The Lost City? Probably still some 20 crates short. *g*
    Glory to the pipe, for it is the holy symbol of perfection in its lead simplicity! ...until you find a Sparq 10 minutes later.

    ..::get System Shock 1::..

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    Mage towers in TLC? Did you mean Mage Keep? The problem with the latter is that there are only a few crates in that level. Sooner or later I'll get around to check this. But Azal's experiments in the air tower suggests that the sky is too low to get on top.

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    i dont want to sound like a newby but how the hell did you get sow many crates ??? edited the map whit dromed or sometihng or did you just collect them ??

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    There are 39 crates, 13 rocks, 9 diving helmets and some more things in the mission to collect. I spent about three hours collecting everything on the ledge beside the lighthouse.

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    I'm usually able to do just about any technique from seeing the final effect, but damned if I can get the crates to stack into an unsupported stairway

    They always end up tipping, like this:

    So hurry up and give us the goss' Luthien! I have 52 crates in Shipping already lined up and waiting on the smugglers' ship

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    hmm 3 hours lol

    the only thing i once had that i could jump out of the courtyard of RTTHC i didnt need to open them damn gates

    but i putted those bodie in the graves to honor the builder :P

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    How do we know you didn't use DromEd to stack the crates?

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