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Thread: Jim's Special Quests - deliver locket

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    Jim's Special Quests - deliver locket

    Alright I think that i have searched that entire damn venim manor for that locket, but apparently not because i havent found it yet lol. Its most likely in the last place i'd look(right in front of me) but i really need some help.

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    Check the guard quarters... I think there's one in every room, either in a locked chest, closet, or laying on a bed.

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    Thanks a lot.
    For all you idiots out there like me they are in the chests and their picture icon looks exactly like an amulet, thats why i missed them the first time.

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    The thing I found most annoying about the Bal Molegmar quests is there is not one, NOT ONE reward for doing them, doing ANY of them. I suppose you get to keep the gloves, thats it. It's purely for roleplaying a do-gooder character, nothing else.

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