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Thread: I need help with assasins guild mission!!

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    I need help with assasins guild mission!!

    ok. when in the assasins guild, you talk to someone and they tell you about "sensitive matters" and have you go kill a guy in Balmora. I found the guy and i dont have a writ, because its secret and hes a member of the guild and they want him dead but his brothers a high ranking member so they dont want to tik him off and thats why i dont have a writ but i dont know how to kill him. they gave me some poisoned food but i cant give it to him so i dont know what to do. if anyone has any info on this please help me out.
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    Try this

    This took me a while also.
    Break inside his house: if he is in front of his house use the door on his rooftop other wise he will suspect what you are there to do.
    find a cooking pot: (this is where the trick is) it's called Balyn's Cooking Pot. put the poison here.
    sometimes when you need to give ppl stuff without them knowing just look for something with their name on it and put it there.
    Hope that helps.
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    Ok what you need to do is find his house - its very close to the spy master's house but among the front row of houses as far as i can remember.

    Once found break find your way up on to the roof and break in through the trapdoor (make sure no one sees you). Once inside you should see a cooking pot go up and press the 'use' button - you'll get a option screen up asking whether you'd like to put the poison leaves in the cooking pot - click yes.

    Mission complete.

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    I know this thread is over a year old, but it doesn't quite answer the question I have.

    I talked to Taros Dral when I first joined and turned him down on the quest (there wasn't too much info, and I was busy with other things at the time). Most of the other quests you can come back and accept them later, many of the ones that won't let you accept them later can be "back doored" by doing what's required for the quest and reporting back to the person who would have given it out (had this with the invisible kid in Vivic as well as some others).

    The problem is that from what I'm reading I'm missing a key ingrediant to doing this guy in, so even if I break into his house, I'm still out of luck.

    The ultimate problem here is that I'm XBox (sucks to be me ) and can't "console" my way out of this. Is this quest broken?


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