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Thread: T3... our worst fears confirmed!

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    T3... our worst fears confirmed!

    It is with a heavy heart that I share this truly, truly disturbing information. No no, Thief 3 has not been cancelled, something far worse has happened. But first let me explain how I got this information...

    I was sitting on a random bus, going from here to there, and I happened to notice a man had left some papers on his seat as he was leaving. Being the upstanding man that I was/am/will be again, I grabbed the papers and started after him.... but then I glaced down at the page (quite accidentally) and couldn't believe my eyes: here was the top-secret proposal to the next game of the Thief series! It was all here... design, layouts, screenshots, even sketches of the package design.

    And it's truly frightening.

    Yes friends, we always knew that the second-worse thing that could happen is for Thief 3 to be cancelled, but now the absolute worst thing has happened...

    Apparently, Thief 3 will NOT be a first-person sneaker. The decision was made to try to expand the audience, and to that effect it was decided that Thief 3 will be a third-person go-cart racing game. The working title is in fact "Thief 3: The Go-cart Project". If you don't believe me, well here are those screen shots...

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    LOL! That's fucking hilarious!
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    In the long proud history of goof-ball screenshots here at TTLG, yours are at the head of the class!

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    Now I REALLY can't wait!

    Those have to be the best screenshots ever. I can almost hear the Cheesier-Than-Cheese UT2K3 Announcer over that second one saying "BOW UPGRADE!"

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    WOW...Looks like all that Need For Speed racing I've done over the last few years is REALLY gonna pay off.

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    watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow

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    so instead of sneaking up and blackjacking folks we... siphon their gas?
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    You hold the esteemed title of Most Twisted.


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    Maybe an idea for a Fan Mission? Anyone?


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    That sucks. I can't believe they haven't even improved the textures from the dark engine.

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    LOL! That = 0wnage.

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    Honestly LOL

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    LOL! That's the best! Ignatius!
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    LOL, now that is funny...

    Top marks Ignatius.

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    Those screenshots are fucking ART. Go make more.

    UT2K3 announcer? I was hearing the Diddy Kong voices.

    *way-too-hyper child's voice* "Karras Kong Racing!"

    I'll totally kick all your asses if I can race as TipTup or Pipsy.

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    u owe me a phauking keyboard punk...i spit Mt Dew all over the damn thing

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    Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have a winner!

    That has to be one of the funniest things I've seen on these forums since...well, ever.

    Edit - just noticed the "Join us now" on the side of the Haunts gocart
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    You made my afternoon. Thanks.

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    /me for president

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    *MsLedd falls off her chair laughing


    oohhh GOD that's funny!!

    Ignatius, first the "Which Thief character are you?" test and now this... You my friend, are batting 1000! I think I love you.
    If you didn't really laugh out loud, you're just an idiot

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    We´re finally getting the bow upgrade!

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