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Thread: Outlaws - D3D and Win2K

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    Outlaws - D3D and Win2K

    Well this just plain rocks. Lucasarts have released a new (unsupported) patch for their excellent western shooter "Outlaws" which adds support for Win 2000 and Direct3D.

    Originally the game had a software renderer only. Later they released a patch to add Glide support for 3Dfx video cards. Now, all this time later, they've added Direct3D support (with the max resoution of 1600x1200).

    This game is still worth playing for its superb atmosphere (including a wonderful musical score) and its gameplay when set to the "ugly" difficulty level (the ONLY way to play this game, btw... it just turns into a regular shooter if you set it to the easier levels.)

    Ah, just go to

    Patches are at:

    (n.b. They recommend you install all the previous patches first (1.1, 2.0, 2.01), so there's around 10MB to download all in all, if you're starting from a fresh install.)

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    Yeehhhaaaa! Thanx for posting this Shadowcat. I was waiting for this patch for a long time about a year or two ago and now it's finally here. I tried the Glide patch and a Glide emulator but that didn't help much... But now I'll just have to reinstall the game and play it again (on Ugly, of course!) Thanx!

    The multiplayer of this game is also pretty cool. I've tried with only two players though.

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    Firstly, sorry for any confusion... this thread being the better part of four years old, and all :) It seemed sensible to keep the information in one place, though.

    I've just replayed "Outlaws" (again), and while I suspect that the last patch is still a must for its Win2K (and presumably XP) support, I found that for some reason the D3D support is now really unstable on my system, and I would suffer extremely regular CTDs.

    The Glide support only goes up to 640x480 by default, but I dropped in the dgVoodoo wrapper (just unpack everything into the Outlaws directory) and used the configuration tool to set the resolution to 1600x1200, and it worked a treat. If you have issues with D3D, I'd recommend doing the same.

    dgVoodooSetup.exe -> "Glide" tab -> "Resolution" option.

    Zeckensack has also talked in recent(ish) times about improving the Outlaws support (more than doubling the frame-rate in his development versions), so that would be my other suggestion for a wrapper to use.

    The only oddity I've experienced is the scrolling introduction to the original historical missions not appearing. I just get a black screen and the music. No biggie. I just switched to software rendering to watch that bit :)

    Currently listening to the brilliant Outlaws soundtrack as I type this...

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    It worked fine for me when I finally played&finished it two weeks ago [and pimped it to Ms Ledd]. Win2k, D3D, all that.
    And for me, Bad was difficult enough. The mines would have been a nightmare on even higher, I was already getting killed oft enough. *g*

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    Well it's not that I don't die with some degree of regularity playing on Ugly difficulty :) It's just that I like the tactical gameplay that the level forces you to adopt. The manual even refers to it as "the true Outlaws experience", which I can only agree with. Sure you die easily, but then so do they!

    You should give it a try. You just have to adopt the mindset that you're going to get the drop on them before they get the drop on you. Make good use of any available cover, snipe from long distance as often as possible, be aware of your surroundings, and don't forget about the benefits of dynamite :)

    MsLedd: Play Outlaws!

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    Well, even on Bad you will die if you ever stop moving or run for/away from them.
    Not that great a fan of dynamite though... its use tends to result in the same end as System Shock's railgun use.

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    That reminds me of when I'd fill a town with sticks of dynamite and then shoot one. On my old 486, the game would just freeze .

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