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Thread: The Lord Ashton Series

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    The Lord Ashton Series

    Finally I have released The Lord Ashton Series today. It's a single campaign containing all my fanmissions (A visit to Lord Ashton's, A night's Stroll, Escape!, Revenge, In Search of Leon, The Secret of Sir Stefan and A winter's Night).

    It's available at Epithumia's Site
    I hope you will like it. There are no more missions planed. If you want, you can take a look at some screenshots here .

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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    And at around 31 megs. it's still 56k friendly.

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    Thanks, Christine, for releasing your missions as a campaign! I've played through them all, and enjoyed them tremendously! For those who are new to your missions, this will be a real treat!

    I'll celebrate this occasion by playing all of your missions through, once more, as one great adventure.

    I'm saddened to hear that you're not planning to release more Fan Missions. You have a considerable talent for them, and the Thief community will surely miss your entertaining missions. I've always looked forward to them with the greatest of enthusiasm!

    Many thanks for all those wonderful missions that you've given us!

    Please -- please! -- consider releasing new FMs when Thief 3 has been released! I'd be among the first in line to download them!

    - Mika L

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    mol, thank you I'm glad that you liked the missions.

    At the Moment I'm working at the Night Falcon, a German Teamproject, a campaign for Thief 2. I don't know how long it will takes until we are ready.
    Hm.... I think I won't make a mission for Thief 3, honestly I'm not sure that Thief 3 will come out one day....

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    Great missions nice architecture! I've looked in the old threads but cannot find an answer to how to get into the library's secret passage. Or is this just for the plot? Thanks in advanced.

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    It should only be a hint, that the series is before Thief 2 The note is telling you about the the library's secret passage in Lord Gervasius House....

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    Christine, thank you again for the great missions. Me thinks the same way about the day of the final release of the best game ever.
    I also think everyone of us will have a chance to play CoSaS, 2x, Hammerite Imperium, Night Falcon (if it`s ever translated in English), Thief: Russian Project etc. At least i really hope so.

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