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Thread: Vivec

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    Vivec has got to be one of the hardest cities to navigate. I cant find any of the guilds I was told their in the foreign quarters BUT WHERE?????
    Plz help me

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    They are located in the plaza, go around the upper walkway, you'll come to a large doorway up some stairs, go in, the guilds are easily spotted because of the wooden signs outside their door. Hope this helps

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    you can also teleport from any mage guild's guide to vivec where you'll end up in the guild there. if you go outside you'll find yourself in the plaza, with the fighter's guild on opposite end. thieve's "guildhall" is behind locked door in simine fralinie's (or whatever his name is) bookshop, which is in the canalworks. hope this helps....i need to play this game again The Thing is just too hard...

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    heh "The Thing" is insane
    now for the question.
    when you enter the foreign quarter across the bridge which conects it to the main land (close to the ship and the silt strider(sp?) ) go left or right to find a gateway, go up and turn to exit the gateway (don't go into the door), you'll find yourself on yet another walkway, find another gateway and go up, go back to the outside and find a gateway with a big door in it, thats the entrance to the Plaza
    "Don't worry, outlander, many are confused when they first come into vivec"
    foreign quarter is the most visited quarter in the game, hlaalu (for me) and maybe the temple are the second most visited.
    don't wory, when you know your way around one canton, the rest is pretty easy (use the gondolier when possible because if you go by foot, prepare for a lot of loadingscreens)

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