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Thread: Thief FM "The Bluecoat's Training Facility" Mar. 11/03

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    Registered: Jun 2006
    Location: Italy
    Yes, I cannot hear the door sound, and the door is
    the one downstairs between the 2 torches

    I got the workshop key and it just does nothing...........
    I have version 2. I really would like to finish this mission..............

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    Maga, are you sure you're in the right place? The workshop is down in the area you first come to after swimming through either statue pool.

    There is another, similar door set between two torches, down one flight from the upstairs armory... but that's not the right one. (I think that's the wedged shut library door.)

    My problem is I'm slightly short of loot. I have 3,159 out of 3,689, and I need 3,200, or 41 more. I think I've been everywhere... can anyone suggest a place I might look? Obviously, I've missed a cache (or scattered 5gp coins) worth a whopping 530!



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    Location: Italy
    OH, Dafydd,
    mystery solved, I'm in the wrong place................
    Thanks a lot!!!
    Going back to play immediately!

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    Location: Italy
    Have you looked
    inside the front entrance, behind one of the flower vases on the table there's a ring

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    Registered: Aug 2003
    Thanks, Maga; that was enough for me to finish.


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    Location: Museum of the Ancients
    Enjoyable excercise. Finished in 1 hour 15 minutes and 26 seconds, with 3254 out of 3689 loot.

    Good insight in the training of the city's finest, with lots of readables that give information about the regime and hierarchy inside the training complex . Some were pretty amusing, like the list that indicates how much food a person gets, depending on it's rank.

    In case of design, the place doesn't impress. Layout is simple, and some textures are overused.
    Also, there's not much of a challenge with only one difficulty setting. KO or kill restrictions would've been welcome.

    Luckily the story is detailed enough to keep things interesting. And some good reading/searching is needed later on to complete the objectives.
    The way to figure out the vault combination was a nice idea. Unfortunately, the confusing hint made it difficult to get the first cypher.

    About the sleep walking servant: it's too bad he doesn't walk around near the broken lamp, when the player enters the room .

    The mission feels a bit unpolished with the sound issues, some small bugs, and the choppy performance on my system. But for a first mission it's not a bad job.

    Too bad the sequel was never completed. It would like to see the story about the Fool's Gold continue. And the locations seem to be more detailed and variated then in TBTF.

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    WOW! thanks so much for the recognition on this, it's been years and it's awesome to know that it's still being enjoyed! I appriciate you moving my sequal to the Abandoned FM's list, it's a damn shame I never got around to completing it but life, even this summer with an internship, has me far too busy. Thanks again for playing, I desperately need to dust off my discs and fire up the Thief box again, probably tonight. Thanks again!

    ThiefFm Editor, Producer, and Designer of The Bluecoat's Training Facility. Sequal Fm, -> The Eye's Betrayal. 36% complete ==> CANCELLED.

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    Location: on a mission to civilize
    I just finished this one, and wanted to add my praise for this well-done first mission. Excellent job, Thief13x! I'm sorry to read that you've abandoned a sequel, as I would like to see a follow-up mission. But--

    My only two complaints are finding the key to the workshop, and getting into the "entry room" of the facility where the two guards are stationed on each side of a fireplace. It's bloody impossible to enter that roomwithout being spotted, or raising alarm on the guards part-- especially if you shoot an arrow to turn off the light switch, this alerts every guard in the vicinity. I snuck in through the underwater passages in hopes of being able to ghost this one, but found that I couldn't because of this spot. Otherwise, it seems possible to ghost this.

    Also, I've discovered a great hatred for stumbling across a large number of lockers and finding not a damn thing inside of any of them. I remembering encountering this in another mission, but for the life of me can't remember the name, and, for me, the mission was spoiled by the pointless searching. I understand the "thrill-of-the-hunt-but-not-necessarily-getting-a-payoff" aspect, but I'd rather not be able to open the lockers at all as opposed to rummaging like I'm on a scavenger-hunt . But, that's just me.

    Other than that, I really liked the winding passage, one that could almost be missed, leading off to the servant's room. That was a nice touch.
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    Bluecoats training facility vault code?

    What is the vault code?

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