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Thread: T2 FM: Lord Alan's Fortress (Apr.3/2003)

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    Does anyone know what is up with the KO counter?

    It seems that every time I move the thing goes from something like 1 to 3 all on it's own.

    Last time I played this Fan Mission I gave up on it because the KO counter did NOT keep up with the number of actual knock outs I completed.

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    I remember playing this and having good memories about it, so thought I'd replay it. I was shocked when i noticed it was released in 2003! I had thought it more recent, cause I remember how the mansion was well laid out and also shocked how much time had passed, I remember just playing this 'yesterday'! Damn I am getting old.

    Anyway, this mission was ahead of it's time. Lots of secrets, the 'cute' little box lockers, the exquisite mansion, sorry I know it's called a fortress, but I keep thinking mansion. A great mission, one of the classics!

    Quote Originally Posted by webe123
    Does anyone know what is up with the KO counter?
    Hmm I assume you're playing the latest version ''. I haven't encountered any problems, the KOs, seen to add up right for me. Not sure how to help you.

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    Hi all, I'm a bit stuck. I finally made it to Lord Alans room via the balcony, but I can't open the door because I don't have the key, and I can't jump down from the balcony cos I'm pretty sure I'd die. I have tried every nook and cranny trying to find another way out. but no.
    Any solutions?

    Please ignore above. I found it.
    However, the code for the armory down int he basement wont' open to 1234
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    Wow! 300+ posts going all the way back 15 years :-)
    Well, just finished the mission. Absolutely fantastic.

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