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Thread: T2 FM: Lord Alan's Fortress (Apr.3/2003)

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    Registered: May 2004
    Does anyone know what is up with the KO counter?

    It seems that every time I move the thing goes from something like 1 to 3 all on it's own.

    Last time I played this Fan Mission I gave up on it because the KO counter did NOT keep up with the number of actual knock outs I completed.

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    I remember playing this and having good memories about it, so thought I'd replay it. I was shocked when i noticed it was released in 2003! I had thought it more recent, cause I remember how the mansion was well laid out and also shocked how much time had passed, I remember just playing this 'yesterday'! Damn I am getting old.

    Anyway, this mission was ahead of it's time. Lots of secrets, the 'cute' little box lockers, the exquisite mansion, sorry I know it's called a fortress, but I keep thinking mansion. A great mission, one of the classics!

    Quote Originally Posted by webe123
    Does anyone know what is up with the KO counter?
    Hmm I assume you're playing the latest version ''. I haven't encountered any problems, the KOs, seen to add up right for me. Not sure how to help you.

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    Hi all, I'm a bit stuck. I finally made it to Lord Alans room via the balcony, but I can't open the door because I don't have the key, and I can't jump down from the balcony cos I'm pretty sure I'd die. I have tried every nook and cranny trying to find another way out. but no.
    Any solutions?

    Please ignore above. I found it.
    However, the code for the armory down int he basement wont' open to 1234
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    Wow! 300+ posts going all the way back 15 years :-)
    Well, just finished the mission. Absolutely fantastic.

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    I just finished this mission for the first time. I've played lots of older FMs over the years, but had always written this one off as "eh, its only claim to fame is being really big". I was wrong! Yes, it's big, but done with style and purpose. A forest of water-logged pillars under the basement. A cavernous storeroom. An attic you could play hide-and-seek in for days. Things feel fantastic and grand, not oversized like a first-time mapper would do (which, honestly, is the kind of architecture I was expecting). There's a great sense of progression as you unlock new areas and the puzzly layouts are imaginative and playful without being cruel. Fun secrets, too. I'm glad I finally tried this one and it lived up to its reputation.

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    Make sure you play the prequel...Lord Alan's Basement and the sequel Lord Alan's Factory. The story is connected and the missions are awesome. You haven't seen big yet until Lord Alan's Factory.

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