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Thread: How To Run System Shock 2 on Windows XP/2000

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    xp pro with sp1 installed after. the graphics card is a geforce fx 5600

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    i read through that post you linked and it turns out i didnt have the safe texture manager line in cam.cfg but in the other cfg files. i added it to cam and it works. thx

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    Has anyone got a system of these specs:

    AMD 1700/1800, XP Pro, Geforce 2

    To run SS2?

    I've got access to two of the things now, and neither of them run the game under any circumstances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crion
    Well, I don't suppose you tried this?

    If that doesn't work or you already tried it...
    I wouldn't have asked for help if i haven't tried everything in the faq....

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    Well, you know, a number of persons have come in here saying they can't get SS2 working then, "Oh, this trick worked!" and said trick was mentioned already...

    But in anycase, I think you're screwed unless it is Hyperthreading or an act of a spiteful god.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bomb Bloke
    Has anyone got a system of these specs:

    AMD 1700/1800, XP Pro, Geforce 2

    To run SS2?

    I've got access to two of the things now, and neither of them run the game under any circumstances.
    I have successfully run SS2 on a similar system before, with AXP2000+. what do you mean you got access to two of the things now?

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    How the hell do you remove this file ? After applying it(which didn't do crap and I still cant run SS2) now there is no way I can remove it from my Desktop. I tried renaming it, moving, doing alt-tab-del and playing with processes, rebooting, safe mode etc, nothing works.

    EDIT; Nevermind, got the f%$&#r with
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    I'm having the same problem with SS2 that tummult was on the previous page...

    [QUOTE=Tumult]The game plays the starting anims and the intro fine. I go to the UNN recruitment facility and go through the training. No problems. But... when I go to the three doors where you join one section of the UNN (PsiCorps, Navy, Marines) and enter any one of them. The game shows only a black screen.

    He solved it with a No-CD crack but none of the patches on are working for me.. I just get the same blank screen.

    To get to this point I had to shove safe_texture_manager in the .cfgs. I've tried changing compatability of the shock2.exe but that causes mor propblems than it fixes. I'm running quite an old system on win XP prof..

    AMD athlon 800
    Nvidia Geforce 2 GTS
    Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R1002
    256 MB RAM
    Blah Blah Blah

    plz thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmea
    How the hell do you remove this file ? After applying it(which didn't do crap and I still cant run SS2) now there is no way I can remove it from my Desktop. I tried renaming it, moving, doing alt-tab-del and playing with processes, rebooting, safe mode etc, nothing works.

    EDIT; Nevermind, got the f%$&#r with
    Thanks! I have been frantically trying to delete 1_97_2.exe from my desktop ever since I started playing SS1 a while ago. Thanks alot!

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    i got the following problem:
    when i click on install in the cd-menu the install-shield loads to 100 percent,but then a window with a cross in it appears and nothing else happens,(i already tried the lgnforce thing)and another problem solution here doesnt seem to fit my problem.
    my system:
    win xp
    256 mb sdram
    geforce 2 ti 64 mb

    hope forgot nothing


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    New problem

    I beleive that I have come across a new problem which I cannot seem to fix.
    And yeah I have read the FAQ.

    I'm running an AMD Athlon 1600+
    256mb DDR Ram
    Nvidia Geforce 4 MX 440

    Now I have installed the patch and the xp fix still nothing though.
    However the game runs the menu and into perfectly, no problems, however one the loading screen has done it's thing the game crashes with this error;

    ERROR: Direct3D device driver does not accurately report texture memory usage.
    Contact your 3D accelorator vendor for updated drivers.

    I have tryed newer and older drivers but still can't get anything out of the bastered.

    Now I could just install windows 98 however that is such an inconvinience to me so If anyone has any ideas or ideas to help me solve this problem it would be EXTREMELY helpfull.


    Problem resolved by adding "safe_texture_manager" withouht the quotations into the shock.cfg file. Seems that the engine doesn't like nVidia drivers from the 5x.xx series.
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    I have been having the same problem as Tumult and Space Dan. I get the game to start up, watch the intro bits, and do the training. When I go to pick my military branch, the screen goes black, and I hear an error 'donk' noise.

    My system is as follows:
    Athlon T-bird 1.4Ghz
    GeForce 3 ti200 64mb
    768mb pc133 sdram
    C-Media onboard 5.1 channel audio
    Windows XP Pro SP1
    latest nvidia detonator drivers

    This is really annoying, I wanna play some SS2 darnit!

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    My System Two Is Shocked..

    Hey guys, bear with me i'm new here however I actually took the time to read over the threads before posting. Thus far I have tried everything (and I mean everything ) to try and get System Shock II to work in WindowsXP Pro.

    All right, heres the deal. I regedit and delete everything that has to do with SSII (drastic and overkill I know, but im desperate here). After that I pop in the CD and install, the installation goes fine without a hitch. No screwups, no errors, nothing. Same as if I were installing in Win98se. After the installation I install the latest patch, set up the compatibility modes and run the game. Opening logos run fine, main menu runs fine, I config everything up and click new game. Load screen appears, it gets to 100% then wham. Total blackout and I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to get back to Windows. I have tried downloading the "" patch which doesnt seem to work, and i'm at the point of repartitioning my HDD just so I can install Win98se and WinXP (Yes I love the game that much). Has anyone actually made a patch that fixes the incompatibility for WindowsXP? I would imagine a game with such a huge fanbase Irrational Games would at LEAST do SOMETHING.

    Last but not least, my obligatory system spec list:

    - WindowsXP Professional
    - Athlon64 3200+
    - ASUS K8V Deluxe
    - 1GB DDR400 PC-3200
    - SB Audigy2 ZS
    - ATi 9800 Pro

    [Edit]: I'm a fxckin dumbass. It works

    For those who are having the same problem, use the Windows 2000 compatability mode.
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    Shock2 doesn't like WinXP...surprised? anyone?

    Well, I've made steady progress through all of the common Shock 2/WinXP hurdles ie. compatibility, HT, safe_texture_manager, black screen on game start... I'm currently at the "freezes to black when I choose a character class" point...anyone got a fix for this one yet?


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    I've found an interesting problem which seems to be the cause of the bug where the game crashes to the desktop when the first training mission finishes loading.
    For some reason, System Shock 2 will not save - instead, when the game attempts to save, it will crash. (Sometimes it will crash to the desktop.)
    The reason the game crashes at the start of the training missions, is because the game attempts to autosave at the end of loading the training.

    Right now I'm trying to get this game working on my friend's computer, which is currently running Windows ME. (My friend must witness the goodness of SS2!)
    Again, the game runs perfectly aside from crashing on saves.
    (It will create the savegame folder, but seems unable to write the actual savegame data.)
    I will continue to work on this problem myself, and I will post again if I find a solution!

    Thanks in advance for the help!


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    Apart from ensuring the files/folders/HDD aren't "read-only" or something. There's nothing i can think of to fix that. Aside from the obvious defrag/chkdisk/etc...

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    No, that's not the problem.
    Just to make sure, I made my main System Shock 2 folder, and all of its subfolders read-only just a moment ago, and the game still ran fine - even saving and loading.


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    Forget it i have gone as low as installing det. 30.82 or 61.36WHQL and nothing, 30.82 does not report any FX cards so my card is unknown and i fear trying installing as a Ti4600 may crash the system.

    If anyone can hack the 30.82 .inf file on the drivers would be very much appreciated i have tried to modify them myself looking a drivers that have the FX5200 but i finished with "this is not a XP driver!" message.

    HT is off from the bios.

    Every hack/crack have been applied only that starting a game gives you a black screen if you alt tab you will see an error message but cannot read it.
    The cd spins and that is, ctr-alt-del shutdown SS2.

    P4 2.8GHz HT (off for the moment)
    512MB DDR 400MHz
    FX5200 128MB video out
    Abit IS-10 Realtek onboard sound and onboard Broadcom Network card.
    I am using FAT32 and not NTFS on the installed disc.

    I will have to clean up my old p3 800 which is already installed with Windows Millenium and play there all my DOS and old games.

    Since Millenium don't want to install on this one (last time it deleted a partition all by itself).
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    Well, I applied everything and can get past training to the first level but the game still crashes randomally at different spots or my machine reboots all of a sudden

    I also do the one process fix but that doesn't help either.

    P4 3.2CGHz 800Mhz 478P/512K HT
    OS Windows Xp Pro
    Corsair XMS 1GB PC3200 TWINX
    eVGA GeForce FX 5900, 128MB

    Any ideas would be appriciated.

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    i'm finding anyone with XP and installs th EA Classics version don't get a problem except the safe_texture_manger problem occasionally. Me and my brother both have ea classics and xp and we dont have problems, or my firends, who will install it when i go there. its not necesarilly true, but its an observation that is consistent.

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    Last time, and now i am going to try with shocked, i will report later.

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    Thanks you guys so much for helping me get ss2 to run again. ss2 has been working fine so far. also back on my older computer one of the reasons it wouldn't run correctly was because i had a crappy sound card, so check your sound cards and maybe replace them with a soundblaster card if ss2 isn't running (sb 5.1 is like 40 $). by the way if you have a riptide card ( or at least the one i had) burn that fucker! I dont know much, but i hope that will help.

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    I would just like to report that I was successful in getting System Shock 2 to run in XP Pro. I used the following steps/utilities:

    First off, I made a virtual copy of my Shock2 CD (I'm using an original copy, not a Classic re-release) using DAEMON Tools 3.46 - and CloneCD -

    This probably won't make that much difference, but it could circumvent copy protection<->media drive incompatibilities. I did it this way because I'm setting up a classic gaming directory on my machine to play old games without disks.

    I installed the game with a minimal installation from the virtual disk image. Make sure you install to a different directory from where the disc images reside, otherwise the Shock installation will try to clear out the files first. (!)

    I installed the official patch (shkpatch.exe) from Irrational's website -

    Then I installed these two fixes linked elsewhere in this thread:

    XP/2000 fix (be sure shock2.exe is *not* using any compatibility mode after copying the file over) -

    HyperThreading fix - I also did not need to crack the game, as directed elsewhere in this thread. The HT fix applied fine over the XP/2000 shock2.exe fix.

    After these steps, the game ran beautifully for me - the key points being the XP/2000 and the HT fixes with shock2.exe set to not run in compatibility mode. I Hope this helps out.

    System specs:
    Dell Inspiron XPS (Notebook)
    Intel P4 3.4 HT EE
    1GB DDR 400MHz RAM
    128 ATi 9700 Radeon Mobility
    Win XP Pro Ver. 2002 w/ SP1 and all current updates as of posted reply date.
    DirectX 9.0b

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    It would be nice if someone wrote a patch to fix the patch

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