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Thread: Objectives for Undeadland

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    Objectives for Undeadland

    I searched here earlier today to see if anyone had finished Undeadland. It seems that there is confusion about the meaning of objective #2, and I could find no information to clarify it. So, this morning I e-mailed the author, JIS. He has just told me what the objectives were. With this, I was able to finish the mission. JIS does not read or write English. Below are his machine translations with my corrections.

    There are two purposes of UndeadLand.

    1: Get Lord Bafford's scepter.
    2: Go to the destination.

    Spoiler for #2 (by JIS):
    I think that blindness in one eye is easy. The destination is the space to the left-hand side of a start point. You must jump from the roof of the right-hand side building to this space.

    To be more specific (my spoiler):
    This roof is found after a long underwater swim.

    JIS also told me that Undeadland was written for speed competition. The average time is 3 minutes. I finished it in 19 minutes, not realizing I was supposed to go fast.

    Try it. You'll like it.

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    Thanks. I'll give it a go as soon as I've finished the Elevator Mission. Although not very thiefy, that mission is enjoyable in a way hard to describe, and it's made me curious about the author's other FMs.

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