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Thread: Rename Character

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    Rename Character

    is it possible to rename your character?

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    Check out this page from the UESP on how to change your race mid-game. It might also be possible, with these instructions, to change your name, too.

    Best I could find after several searches. Then again, I'm dumb. Anyone else?

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    Go to the summit and search for sapper as author.

    ohh and the smiley is just there cause I like it

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    you can't rename ur char btw i have grown since back then so i'll be posting alot more now ( i've restarted on morrowind offical foums so)

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    You can if you use a mod!

    ohh and the smiley is just there cause I like it

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    I'm certain I was able to successfully change the name of my existing character by using the "enableracemenu" command trick and scrolling back from the race menu to the name input field ... And it triggered an error message that resolved itself after I reloaded the mission and played further along ... but make a backup copy of your saves JUST IN CASE! ...

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    vanity vanity, all is vanity

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    Yep. I installed a face pack, and I was happy with my character's face, but he was also bald which did not look good. I used the cs to give him hair...

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