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Thread: Cool stuff.

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    Cool stuff.

    For those who are too stupid to know, I made an awesome chain maille shirt. Of course none of you are even worthy enough to look at it, but I figured I'd grace your miserable lives with majesty.


    Stainless steel, 15lbs, 16,000 rings.

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    Wow, that red X is stunning! That must have taken ages!

    j/k. Fix the link, I wanna see it.

    /edit: Here, since you haven't fixed it you doofus:

    That's pretty slick. How long did it take?
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    Mail? Maille? Mayle? Male? Mahille?


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    It's Chain-Mail. I've been wanting to make a chain mail shirt for months. I might actually get around to buying the rings. How long did it take you, Tuco?

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    So yeah, I promised a post on my chain maille when I finished.

    Props go to Improb for helping me a lot with this and getting me into it four months ago, I couldnt' have done it without him.

    It took 15 lbs of steel, which made 16,000 rings roughly over 3 months, to make this.. Most of you will recgonize me in the one or two pics I'm in, the rest are my soon-to-be-brother and his fiance(my sister)

    I need to take a little off the armpits and make it an inch or two longer, but I really like it and I think I got lucky with all the design decisions I had to make.(It was really hard for me just to get it 'formed' right, but I love how it looks)

    I've shown it off a LOT in the past week I've had it, a lot of people love it. As a side affect, a lot of old -timers have a LOT of respect for people who can do that, I didn't think they would like it as much, but they do. (AS I learned with all the older people I saw tonight at Thanksgiving, haha)

    (note to my MW mates, this was just stolen from a post I made just now on another board... and if any of you punkass mods edit it and make my images links, I'll cry)

    Then cry :P -Striker
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    *laughs* That's great. What kind of pattern did you use? (If that's not the right terminology then.. er... f*** it, I don't make these.) How many rings to one, I think?

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    European 4 to 1

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    What are you gonna do about that nice inviting neck sticking out in the middle of it all?

    And you need to build up a big of bulk if you're going to wield a proper battle axe!

    Anyway - cheers on the good job. Stainless is the right way to go... Keeps the shine, is bloody strong and not too heavy. A bit strenous to work, but it's worth it in the end.
    Exactly which ring size did you use - they look fairly small

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    What are you gonna do about that nice inviting neck sticking out in the middle of it all?
    That's why you wear armor over the top, with neck guards

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    lol let me try taking an axe to it! :P

    Awesome Work too. *bows down*

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    Every ring has an inner diameter of 1/4"

    It's still sort of hard to get my huge head in the neck thing. Ih ad the option of the hole being wider or longer, and I chose longer because I wanted as much material on the shoulders as possible(brings out the trapezies imho)

    It's hard for me to get muscle but I'll start doing the gym thing again.

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