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Thread: Jumpstart Shrine of Mephala quest?

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    Jumpstart Shrine of Mephala quest?

    1st thing to note... I've got the XBox version, so I can't "console" my way out of this problem... sorry.

    When I was heading out for my first writ (the "test" that you're given before offically becomming part of the Morag Tong) and spoke to a nice person by the name of Taros Dral. Taros wanted to talk to me about "sensitive matters" and I turned him down (figuring I'd come back and speak to him about it later... I was kinda busy going off to kill someone at the time).

    The problem is that now when I speak to him, all I get for the initial dialogue is "have you taken care of those sensitive matters we spoke about?" with very little else.

    Poking around I found out that this quest is to poison someone, the quest need some treated bittergreens to accomplish, but they're given when you accept the quest (which I didn't do).

    Is there anyway to jumpstart this? I've run into a few quests where you can jumpstart the quest by doing the task at hand and then comming back to the quest giver (those may actually be bugs, who knows)....

    Again, I'm on the XBox... so there is no way to use the console to get out of this.... can I pick his pockets or something to get the poison or should I just write this one off and not be so careless if I ever come across him with another character?


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    The reward is worth it. Try picking his pocket to see if he has the treated bitterpetals.. and check to see if you dont already have them too.

    You need that item to actually do the quest else you cant poison the guy.

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