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Thread: Killed the duke

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    Killed the duke

    I am a Imperial knight protector and I was send to search a stolen armor that was stolen from the srtong hold. I went through the trap door to the cave and killed the thieve. But it was so good armor thet I did not give it back to the duke. He attaced me and I killed him. Can this harm my game in the main quest?

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    You sure you killed the duke? As I recall it's the boss of the imperial legion who gives you that quest. Duke Dren is the Dunmer guy standing next to him.

    The legion boss isn't essential to the main quest. I can't remember if Duke Dren is needed, probably depends on whether or not he's involved in you being named Hortator by house Hlaalu.

    Then again, if you had killed anyone essential you should have been warned by the game anyway; (a bit of text about "threads of the prophecy severed blah blah").

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    If you had just given him the armour everything would have been fine. What kind of soldier are you? Don't you know how to follow orders?! You should be expelled from the Legion and executed. I've just sent orders to the other Protectors to execute you on site . . . oh wait . . . you killed the top knight of the Legion in Morrowind in a duel? Hail to the new leader of the Legions!

    Hip hip hooray!
    Hip hip hooray!
    Hip hip hooray!

    seriously you should revert back to an older save if you want to be top of the legion and i thnk you havenow missed out on the location of the sword Chrysmere

    after you do both his quests the guy duels you and you loot the lords mail and chyrsmere from his corpse
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    If he was attacked first, I don't think he'll get expelled from the Legion.

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    *nods to Ryushi* Irakaz was just goofin' around there. (His spoiler is right, of course)

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    Let the Duke rest in peace

    Yes. I know that the next quest is to find an magic sword near the big woman statue, but I decided to keep the armor and to duel the Duke. He attacked me first. Ofcource the reason to the fight was mine selfisnes to keep the armor. But when the Duke attacked me first was the fight a duel and I did not become a criminal. -Very honorable Knight??? ??? I decided to be a freelancer.
    By the way there was no warning about the mission.

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    Of course not the Duke

    Heh. You had right it was the Legion boss, not the Duke Drenn.

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