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Thread: Sword of the Perithia

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    Sword of the Perithia

    Picked up Morrowind again recently, after having never reinstalled from reforamatting my PC. Had started on this mod, and now continuing, and I presume getting quite close to the end. Pretty impressive, although not without its problems. I do realise it isn't soemthing I'd come up with, and never to expect as much as with the offical components (as with Thief).

    The location is well done, if at times relying a little too much on sheer cliffs (I'm noting I haven't seen anything to give levitation, and similarly on the odd occasion I feel a slightly too large. I do like Eastwick, fire a blood, two things lacking from the master version. Telavere (sp?) despite being relatively familar also stood out.

    Again without playing too many mods before, I don't know whether the new creatures used are designed specifically (except the giants which I know weren't), but in generally I really like them, the elephant like beings, the shroomers, the dragon and piranhas in particular impressed me. The giants and hydra not so, the latter in particular seemed hard to figure out where you could actually hit.

    The plot is something that does succeed in driving it onwards. And I've only once fallen out of the world. Also I feel the difficulty levels has been set too much on the hard side, but then many players (not including me) would say the original is the opposite.

    I've tended to be a bit on the negative side, but that in general isn't how I feel about it. He (or she) has done a good job. However there is one real downside, which I really hope they'd fix.

    The language.

    Aisde from the usage of what seems like American slang to me, and unecessary swearing, together with fart jokes not actually being that funny, especially when used by referring to a donkey, aren't impressive. And the use (not even consistently) of $'s for gold does get on. But the worst thing is the spelling. Did anyone ever give this a serious check. Mistakes are excusable, but most should have been capable of being ironed out with a quick read. In loo?

    That is a real let down.
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