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Thread: TDP: The Iron-Manning

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    TDP: The Iron-Manning

    I've been fortunate enough to get my hands on Thief: The Dark Project some time ago. I've played TMA and the T1/TG demos before, but this was my first run of TDP.
    Now I was playing along on Expert as I normally would, only I didn't know where the quicksave button was. I thought I had it figured out in Bafford's, but it turned out to be the screenshot button. So I thought: ah what the hell, I'll iron-man it. It will be a refreshing break from ghosting anyway.

    So iron-man it was:
    Thief: The Dark Project v1.14
    Iron-Manned on a per-mission basis at Expert difficulty
    By Mortal Monkey
    Mission				Successful try
    Lord Bafford's Manor		2nd
    Break From Cragscleft Prison	2nd
    Down in the Bonehoard		7th
    Assassins			2nd
    The Sword			2nd
    The Haunted Cathedral		4th
    The Lost City			2nd
    Undercover			3rd
    RttC				2nd
    Escape!				5th
    Strange Bedfellows		1st
    Into The Maw of Chaos		3rd
    Non-human failures (not counted above):
    Mission			Crashes		Stuck in a wall
    The Haunted Cathedral	1		1
    Undercover		0		1
    RttC			2		0
    Strangely enough though, I did not die of SHAS a single time. I only lost a little health when I got stuck in undercover.

    Alright, so now that you're done marvelling at my amazing Thief abilities, anyone else tried anything similar? Got any stats you'd like to show off?

    Iron-man: To complete in a single attempt, starting from scratch whenever you fail.

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    I recently iron-manned TG, albeit on normal... I'll go back and do it on expert maybe this summer, when I have some time on my hands! (school, RL...)
    I don't have a stats list for you, but I did iron-man the Mage's tower on the first time through, never having played the level before. and only 2 tries on the Song of the Caverns(which I had also never seen before). I know, Normal difficulty is not the "true" thief experience, but I wanted to work my way up to Expert. I did the Maw on the first time(Whilst holding my little baby in one arm, no less! Lots of diagonal running). In fact, I think the only ones I had to restart were: RTTC(from SHAS twice), and Strange Bedfellows.

    BTW: Congrats, that's quite a feat! When I do my TG expert iron-man, I'll keep track of stats and post it here, too.

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    Thanks. I'm sure you'll beat me by a hadfull, but good luck anyway

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    Cool; I'm going through the games and trying my own ghost/ironman combo. On TDP, the only place I had to reload (aside from some technical difficulties) was in the Lost City. Some fire elementals were getting too close and in my haste to leave I didn't correctly gauge my jump over a stream of lava.

    I keep a record of a bunch of other things, too, for each mission; it would be too tedious to put my scores in for everything, but I keep track of # of times caught (where I define "caught" as "having an AI run at you/attack you, unless it's a burrick, spider, or frogbeast"), KOs, tools used, kills, deaths/reloads, and whether or not I got all the loot for that mission. My last playthrough for TDP I had only the one reload and was caught a total of 10 times. Of course this can get pretty subjective, but the point is for me to go back and try to beat my previous records.

    Nice work!

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