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Thread: Mechanist Skins

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    Mechanist Skins

    Bronze Griffin strikes again!

    Here are some of my Mechanist skins.

    Everyone's favourite fanatic, Karras! Fits nicely over 'soldG04'.

    Judging by the cutscreens this is more or less what Cavador looks like without his mask.

    Here's a Servant Soldier who doesn't look as if his mask was forced on. I'm sure this mesh will be useful for a Mechanist mission.

    I believe a Mechanist Novice has been done before, but nice to have it handy.
    Last edited by Bronze Griffin; 25th Jul 2005 at 17:03. Reason: Mistook skins for meshes because I was being daft.

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    Will fit well into the Mechanist mission I'm planning on making in my vacation (i.e. mid-August to the end of October).

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    Where can we get these or do we just save the picture file?

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    Just save the picture file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronze Griffin
    Here are some of my Mechanist meshes.
    Those are skins, not meshes.

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    What's a mesh then?

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    That's the AI object model.

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    Oh yeah! I feel a little silly now. Never mind, you live and learn.

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