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Thread: The Greyfeather Gems - Part II: Rodamill (Aug. 21st, 2005)

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    The Greyfeather Gems - Part II: Rodamill (Aug. 21st, 2005)

    Hello everyone!

    I'm pleased to announce that The Greyfeather Gems part II: Rodamill is finally ready for release. You can download the mission from (thanks Jason!).

    Additional links (added by nickie):
    The Circle
    The Keep

    I'd like to thank quite a few people for all their much appreciated help.

    • Mazur helped out with several technical issues.
    • Rustibus gave input on the original idea that evolved into the Greyfeather series and alpha-tested this mission.
    • Schatten/Voidshaper made some reeeeeally cool ambients and beta-tested as well.
    • Vigil did a whole bunch of things: those lovely textures, proofreading and rewriting texts, plenty of ideas and suggestions, alpha-testing and most important of all, criticized all and anything in need of improvement, no matter how small an issue it may have seemed like. Especially appreciated is the fact that he didn't complain once about my Dromeding at odd hours.
    • Finally, a big thankyou to the beta-testers for their comments and suggestions: Fingernail, marycwmbach, Musopticon?, pnowak, Silent_Warrior, SlyFoxx and TF.

    Now I think it's time I relaxed by having a glass of wine and by doing nothing even remotely Dromed-related for a while. I hope you enjoy the mission as much as I'll enjoy my wine.
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    Awesome! Thank you Morrgan (and the beta testers) for bringing me some joy this weekend!

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    Woohoo, congratulations on releasing the mission, Morrgan!

    Now I'm going to play part one and two in succession.

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    In case anyone wants to know what they're getting into, there's a screenshots and a quick description of the mission on Morrgan's Dark Projects. Enjoy!

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    The Architect
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    Congrats you two. I'll be taking a peek at this one.

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    What a week for new fan missions. Thanks a bunch. Now I have plenty to do this weekend!!

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    Yay, thanks! I was eagerly awaiting this one.

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    Oh yeah! This one is going to be an instant classic. Way to go Morrgan and congrats on the release.

    Now pass some of that wine over here!


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    Played only a few minutes so far by I already know that this is going to be one of the best FMs of the year. Great work, Morrgan

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    Thank you!

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    I had betatested this one, and should say it's incredible !

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    I've been exploring for the better part of an hour now and the atmosphere, textures and detail are truly amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker
    I've been exploring for the better part of an hour now and the atmosphere, textures and detail are truly amazing!

    Truly outstanding. I could not have put it better.
    congrats Vigil and Morrgan.
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    Ok, I'm having trouble locating a key.

    Found the dead pagan and the locked door next to him. He appears to have written "wants(?) home bed key" so naturally I looked in the vicinity of every bed I've come across and haven't found anything. Where is it?

    Oh, and great mission. I'm loving it!

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    The key is close by, but it's not near a bed. You'll need to take a ride.

    Further hint:
    The word 'bed' refers to what to do after you've found the key.

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    To Slynt.

    A hint:
    Check the building next to the home. It has burricks and an elevator inside.

    A bigger hint:
    That elevator is there for a reason.

    Outright spoil:
    Go to the basement and activate a powerbox to get the lift working. The key lies on the highest floor.

    Then again, this could ver well be the wrong key. I really can't remember all that well.

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    Best mission of the year.


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    Wow, good job me! Just finished with all 9 secrets found and only 90 loot short of the total!

    And thanks for the help with the key guys!

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    grey father p2


    I would just like to say, the graphics and the sound (atmosphere) are very very good, I havent played thief for a month or two, but with this misson im right back into it.

    That said there are very few mission that I class as proffesional and very well made, this is one of them.


    1. bug though, the water is a little too clear, cant even see it there
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    This FM looks really great. I really like this Morrgan.

    I did experience SDS twice while
    climbing up the broken stair case near the beginning.
    On the third try I managed to get up there ok.

    Have I been playing Thief too long?

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    Um, wow. Simply outstanding.

    Great atmosphere, architecture, and the amount of all the little details is unbelievable. Not to mention the sound effects. All in all, just the type of mission I love.

    Anyways, I finished with 8 secrets out of 9 and I know where the last secret is (in the pagan's house), but I just can't find any switch or lever. Also, I can't find the key to the locked door upstairs in the Rodamill Watch (I think that was the building). And finally, is there anything to do with the tombstone in the cemetary? I noticed the goblet was frobbable, but couldn't find anything to use on it.

    [Edit]Ah, and hurry up with #3, Morrgan...

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    Preno, about the tombstone...

    nearby the cemetery is a ramp leading to a wooden gate. On the ramp is some movable rubble. Underneath is a body with a candle. Take the candle, use it on the holder on the tombstone, frob the candle, then follow...

    About the locked door in the Watch,
    Try the rafters.

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    secret in
    pagan's house - you should help pagan...

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    Great, thanks you two.

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    Ahh, thanks for that tip pnowak. Didn't know about that! Still 50 loot short though.

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