Corporate Links

LookingGlass Studios The genius's behind System Shock. Check out Thief: The Dark Project, their next game.
Origin Systems Inc. The Publishers of System Shock.
eXscape A computer games news and review site. I'm on the Art team, and Saam is the Chief News Editor.
PsychoNews A GREAT game site, it's where Saam used to work, back when he was the Chief Hardware Editor over there.
Voodoo Extreme MASSIVE site, relating 3Dfx and supported games. They're my GOOD friends.
3Dfx Brotherhood Also a very COOL site, they're dedicated to making every game company use 3Dfx as their main accelerator. Saam also runs the Voodoo2 site over there.
IT-HE Software The homepage of Joseph Morris, author of "A Hackers Guide to Sin". Home of Javelin, Avios, Kansam's Trial, SkyMayBe and the Ultima 6 developer's kit.
ElfWood The online artist's community of which Dan Todd is a part. His gallerys can be found in Gallery 28 of Lothlorian (fantasy art), and Gallery 5 of Zone47 (Sci-Fi art).
Elite Enterprises Elite Enterprises is a small business located in Brevard County, Florida. I am the Internet and Graphic Design Specilist. We specialize in computer retail/consulting/upgrades/repair; graphic design/illustration; internet setup/webpage design/maintinence.

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