System Shock Links

The Guide to Citadel Station Contains level by level descriptions, music, and a massive screen shot archive.
The Hacker's Guide to Sin A complete mentail breakdown of System Shock. Features hints, tips, and plenty of dark humor.
Voice of the Resistence The complete collection of System Shock logs, in full voice audio.
TriOp Corp Archives A huge databank of System Shock files. Screenshots, music, voice files, demo, files, desktop themes, utilitys!
Walkthrough A very detailed description of how to complete System Shock, in an easy to use HTML interface.
System Shock 2 Fan Storys Fan submitted storys of possible plots of System Shock 2.
TRIOPTIMUM First TriOptimum site on the web! While not as up-to-date as the TriOp Corp Net, it's still one of the very best System Shock fansites on the web!
The Realm of Blue Lightning -System Shock A very well done System Shock fan page.
System Shock Tribute Page Another fan page.
Telos Doxa's Domain A cool SS fan site. Check it out.
Games Domain Review A very nice System Shock online review. Overall score: 9.4/10 Highly Recommended!!
AllAboutGames Feature This site lets players rate System Shock from Awsome, to Yucky. You can even post up your personal opinion about SysShock. Cast your vote today!
Black Ops An upcoming computer game that will be quite simmilar to System Shock. Saam is on the QA team.

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