This walkthrough is highly preliminary (note version number). All is disclaimed. I still have to go through the CDROM version of the game a few times.

NOTE: It is rather difficult to write a detailed walkthrough when all of the details (Puzzles, Combat, Cyber, Mission) will be different for each user. Please try to keep this in mind. If you have all of the above set to Difficulty level 2 or 3, things should happen exactly as described here.

Hint Sheet: (designed not to give away too much)

  • Always destroy all Cameras and Computer Nodes that you find. This will lower level security. Doors/switches etc. that say "blocked by level security" will all work when level security = 0% (and some will open when security drops to around 10%).
  • On most levels is a Cyborg Conversion chamber. A switch nearby will reconfigure it to heal you when you are killed, instead of turning you into a Cyborg.
  • Some lit panels flat on the floor are elevators. Step on them to activate. These are abundant on Level 1, so keep an eye out for them.
  • Each Cyberspace Terminal leads to a different enclosed area. You will have to complete the area for each different Cyberspace Terminal that you find.
  • If a door is "broken beyond repair", you cannot ever get through.
  • Some elevators will not operate ("shut down due to ...") until certain tasks are complete. If you are stuck, it is because you have failed to:
    A) Explore all accessible areas of all levels that you can get to.
    B) Conquer all accessible areas of Cyberspace for access codes and computer-locked door switches.
    C) Read all of your E-mail and Logs for clues. The other folks on the station had several plans that they were trying to accomplish to defeat Shodan, maybe you could complete some of their missions for them.
  • Some levels cannot be completed on your first pass. You will have to continue up to other levels and come back later.
  • No level is ever completely "clear" of enemies. They continue to reappear. Always be on your guard.
  • The free Energy and Health cheats do not work in the CD-ROM version.

STANDARD DESCRIPTION FORMAT: (to describe puzzles and levels)

LEVELS: (The following codes will be used throughout to designate levels)

          LR - Reactor level
          L1 - Hospital level  (you start here)
          L2 - Research level
          L3 - Maintenance level
          L4 - Storage level
          L5 - Flight deck
          L6 - Executive level / Crew Facilities
               G1 - Alpha Grove
               G2 - Beta Grove
               G4 - Delta Grove
          L7 - Engineering level
          L8 - Security level
          L9 - Bridge


Contacts are numbered from top to bottom Example:
      1  X----X  1       This would be:
      2  X-\  X  2
      3  X  \-X  3        1-1, 2-3, 5-5
      4  X    X  4
      5  X----X  5

On higher Puzzle settings the wires may be color coded, on lower settings they may be all the same color. Either way, the solution is the same. Just ignore the color information stated in the solutions below if the wires are all the same color.


      A B C D E F
  1 | + + X + + + |       Flip the following co-ordinates:
  2 | X + X X X X |
  3 | +         + |        B1, D1, A3, E3, B6, D6
  4 | X + X X X X |
  5 | + + X + + + |

Some GRID ACCESS PANELS may have different solutions depending on the difficulty level that you have chosen for these puzzles (0 - 3). There are only 2 possibilities. Save your game before trying any of the solutions listed below, so that if one does not work, you can Restore your game and try the other. There seems to be some degree of randomness to which puzzle you will asked to solve (regardless of what the Official Clue Book says).

Also note that each puzzle may have many possible solutions. The ones listed here will work, but you may find others that work also.


COMBAT = 0: Enemies do initiate an attack.

PUZZLES = 0: Keypad access panels are almost all open (except Escape Pods) You do not need any Access Cards You don't ever have to finish level 3 (no Relay to repair)

MISSION = 3: You have 7 hours to beat the game (good luck, you'll need it). On any other setting, there is no time limit.


     * - indicates what you absolutely gotta have.
     % - indicates optional ventures, sometimes worth the reward.
   >T< - indicates actions that cannot be completed initially, you will
         have to come back to that level later, as plot events unfold.

L1 (Hospital level):

* - blow Computer Nodes
% - reduce Level Security to 0% get Magnum 2100
% - defeat Cyberspace to unlock security door and obtain Magpulse weapon

LEVEL 2 (Research level):

* - blow Computer Nodes
* - get X-22 Isotope
* - get Laser Safety Override code (Hint: 2 ways in the Library)
* - destroy station Mining Laser >T<
% - solve puzzles in "Robot Maintenance" area to stop Hopper production here
% - flip Circuit Breaker in Alpha quadrant to restore lights in Beta qudrant.

LEVEL R (Reactor level):

* - disengage Laser Safety Override
* - activate station Shield Generator
* - enter 6-digit Reactor Destruct code to set the station Reactor to self-destruct >T<

LEVEL 3 (Maintenance level):

* - blow Computer Node
* - find at least one Interface Demodulator
* - explore closed "Maintenance" areas to find and repair broken relay >T<
% - get cool Laser Rapier (perfect for those pesky Invisible Mutants)
% - reduce Level Security to unlock door and then pass Retina Scanner to get into the Maintenance Office >T<

LEVEL 4 (Storage level):

* - blow Computer Nodes
* - obtain at least 4 units of Plastique explosives

LEVEL 5: (Flight Deck):

* - blow Computer Nodes
% - activate the Escape Pods >T<
% - lots of goodies to pick up on this level if you look carefully

LEVEL 6 (Executive level):

* - blow Computer Nodes
* - conquer Cyberspace to enable elevator to Beta Grove
* - activate "Jettison Enable" switches in all 3 Groves (G1, G2, and G4)
* - then locate and repair "Master Jettison Enable Control" switch
* - then flip "Beta Jettison" switch to jettison Beta Grove >T<

LEVEL 7 (Engineering level):

* - destroy all 4 Antennae
% - pick up EnviroSuit v3 cleverly hidden under lump of clothes

LEVEL 8 (Security level):

* - locate and cross mile-high skybridge to Bridge level

LEVEL 9 (Bridge):

* - locate Isolinear Chipset
* - install Isolinear Chipset into Computer Program Entry panel
* - locate Cyberspace Terminal, upgrade Software, and confront Shodan


            5---5   |
            4       |
    1   |


  • There are only 3 operational Surgery Machines in the game.

  • To get X-22 Isotope, there is a button on the wall in the same room. It kind of blends into the wall, so look carefully.

  • You can't get to level 6 until the Laser has been destroyed.

  • You can't finish level 3 until after all 3 grove "Jettison Enable" switches inside the groves have been flipped and the "Jettison Enable Master Control" switch (all on level 6) has been tried.

  • You can't get to level 7 until Beta Grove is jettisoned.

  • You can't destroy the Reactor until you have destroyed the Antennae on L7, and you have received authorization from Earth to scuttle the station.

  • You can't get to level 8 until Reactor has been set to destruct. It will open when you touch it. You do not neccesarily need to visit the Escape Pods on level 5.

  • To get Reactor Destruct Code, there is a screen in the same room as the computer nodes on each level from L1 to L6. Each screen has a single numeric digit on it, which keeps changing until the nodes are destroyed. Collect all six in order from L1 to L6. Note that these screens cannot be destroyed (for those of you who are a bit too trigger-happy).



LEVEL R (Reactor level): (You will not be able to get here until you have completed levels 1 and 2)

Notes: It will be very difficult complete level R until you have a good Enviro-Suit. Many areas are simply too 'hot'. Detox Patches help a great deal.

1 Surgery machine (southeast)
1 Energy Charge Station (north)
1 Cyberspace Terminal (northeast edge)
1 Radiation Treatment Station (south)
4 Hidden doors

Grid Access Panels:    1, 2, 3
Surgery machine    E1, E3, E5, A3

Wire access Panels:
Southwest            Red 1-3, Blue 3-1, Violet 2-2
North (by grating)   Red 3-3, Violet 1-1

Cyberspace:         C-Shield v4
                    Drill v2
                    Pulser v5 (ICE)
                    Armory access override (ICE)
                    Blast door switch

Notes: Need radiation suit to get into reactor
       Laser Safety Override (West)
       Shield Generator (Southwest) (Need X-22 Isotope to activate)
       Reactor (Center)
       Cyborg Conversion (southeast)

Biological Systems Monitor v2 (south - by Radiation Treatment station)
Flechette (northeast - past Zero-G Mutants)

LEVEL 1 (Hospital Level):

HINT: Save your dart pistol until the very end (use the Pipe or Sparq).
      Use the darts only when confronted with multiple Cyborg assasins.

HINT: The key to solving the level lies at its very center.

HINT: There two ways to get past the locked Force Door. Keep exploring.

1 Surgery Machine
3 Energy Charge Stations
1 Cyberspace Deck
6 Hidden Doors (one is actually more of a hidden floor)
  Computer Nodes: North central edge, through force door, past Cyborg conv.

Codes: 451 - Surgery door (opens automatically if using difficulty 1)
       705 - armory door  (opens automatically if using difficulty 1)

Wire access Panels:
Northeast            Red 2-3, Blue 4-5, Violet 3-4

Grid Access Panels:       1                2                3
                    -------------    -------------    -------------
West (hospital)      A1,B1,E4,G4      A1,B1,E4,G4     all 'x' to '+'

Center               G1 or G3           E1, E3        C1, C3, E1, E3

System Analyzer v1 (your closet)
Navigation & Mapping  v1 (your closet)
Multimedia Data Reader v1 (your closet)
Biological Systems Monitor v1 (north edge)
Turbo Motion Booster v1 (north edge, hazard storage room)
Pipe (your closet)
SV-23 Dart Pistol (below elevator panel outside hospital)
Magnum 2100 (southeast edge, behind hidden door blocked by security)
SB-20 Magpulse (west, behind cyberspace lock doors)
ML-41 Minipistol (northeast edge, in Computer Nodes room)
Sparqbeam (several scattered about)
DH-07 Stungun (southeast edge)
Cyborg Conversion Station (northwest)
Computer Nodes (northeast edge)
STANDARD Access Card (your closet)
MEDICAL Access Card (In room with Cyberspace deck - crawl around)
GROUP Access Card (In room across from Hospital door) (Group-1)
PER-1 Access Card - D'Arcy (In D'Arcys office)

Cyberspace: 2 Recall Escape
              Pulser        v1
              Pulser        v2
              C-shield      v1
              Switch to open hospital level security doors (where you
              find a Magpulse gun)

Hint: In the large hub area in the center, an elevator takes you
      down to a control room. Hit the switch there to activate
      repulsor pad to rise to the roof. Solve Grid Access Panel
      puzzle to open force field door.

LEVEL 2 (Research level):

0 Surgery Machines (sorry, but the one you find is broken beyond repair)
3 Energy Charge Stations
2 Cyberspace decks (both in eastern area)
5 Hidden Doors
  Computer Nodes: South central edge, past locked bulkead door, in room
                  next to the elevator to L3.

Codes: 199 (Laser Safety Override code)
       623 (found in Papers on floor)

Grid Access Panels:      1, 2              3
                    -------------    -------------
West                    A2, B2           C1, D3   

South                 A3,E3,E1,E5     A3,E3,E1,E5 

Wire access Panels:
Library              Red 1-2, Blue 2-4, Violet 3-1
South                Red 1-3, Violet 2-2

Cyberspace 1: (Library - in Beta Quadrant southeast)

              Drill v1
              Shield v2
              Shield v3
              Pulser v3
              Pulser v4 (ICE) (need Drill first)
            2 Recall
              Group-4 access
              Games v4
              Laser Safety Override code (199)

Cyberspace 2: (East)

Multimedia Data Reader v1 (Library)
Target Identifier v1 (Library)
Navigation & Mapping Unit v1 (Library)
Shield v1 (Delta Quadrant, southwest in radioactive storage room)
SCIence access card (on cyborg by Cyberspace 2)
ENGineering access card (north central - on corpse through teleporter)
GROUP-3 access card (by Computer Nodes - hidden in Thermos bottle)

Note: In Alph Quadrant (northeast) by Energy Recharge Station is a
      circuit breaker panel. Flip the last one up to restore lights in
      Beta Quadrant.

* X-22 Isotope found in Gamma Quadrant (switch on wall next to it)

* Laser Beam Control in center of level (don't fire it until shields up !)

* Cancel robot production by solving puzzles in southeast edge. This will
  prevent further generation of Hoppers on this level.

* One way to get the Laser Safety Override Code is to solve the Wire
  Access puzzle in the Library. The code will then be displayed on one
  of the screens there.

LEVEL 3 (Maintenance level):

2 Energy Charge Stations (one has dangling cables that will hurt you)
  Computer Node: Off central hallways by Maintenance Office

Wire access Panels:
Central              Red 1-5, Blue 3-2, Green 5-3, Violet 2-1, Yellow 4-4

Lantern v1 (west)
Sensaround v2 (northeast)
Navigation & mapping unit v2 (east)
Environment Suit v2 (southeast in Maintenance Office)
Laser Rapier (south - from elevator, 1st door on left, up ladder)
Interface Demodulators (east) (you only need one of these)
Cyborg Conversion (southwest)
Relay 428 (west)

HINT: The Laser Rapier found on this level is the most effective weapon on 
      those irritating Invisible Mutants. When you enter this level from the
      elevator from level 2, take a left down the hallway and open the first
      door on your left, then head up a ladder.

HINT: The Lantern v1 found on this level will help you to see those pesky
      invisible mutants. When you enter this level from the elevator from
      level 2, take a left down the hallway and go to the end, then take a
      right (north) and walk down the next hallway to the first door on the
      left. You will also find the remains of Abe Ghiran here. You notice
      that the eyes are remarkably undamaged on his severed head.

Note: Relay Analyzer (north central) is used to locate the faulty relay. As 
      you explore, you will find some relay panels. Remeber the number and 
      then go back and punch it in to the Relay Analyzer to determine if it 
      needs repair, and to find out what to do if it does. This part of your 
      mission cannot be completed until you have conquered level 6 and the
      Maintenance Doors open.

Note: To get past the Retina Scanner you just need to find a severed
      head on this level that is still in good shape. Pick them up
      and put them in your inventory to examine them.

Note: The locked maintenance doors on this level ("No maintenance required") 
      will not open until you are almost done with level 6.

LEVEL 4 (Storage level):

2 Energy Charge Stations
2 Hidden Doors
  Computer Nodes: Through Iris door just north of Freight Elevator

Codes: 838 - Southeast

Grid Access Panels:    1, 2, 3

Enviro-suit v1 (southeast - past door with Keypad access)
Target Identifier v2 (north edge & west, there are two of them)
Turbo Booster v2 (central)
Jump Boots v1 (southwest)
Flechette (southwest)
Riot gun (central) (worthless)
Cyborg conversion (southeast)
Plastique (northwest, through force bridges area)
Computer nodes (east - through iris door)

Hint: In the large storage room with suspended walkways, there is a button 
      hidden under a crate that will enable force bridges. You will still 
      have to do some fancy jumping here.

Hint: In the storage room with the locked force door and repulsors there 
      are two switches high up on the wall that need to be flipped. Flip 
      the first switch to enable the repulsor in the other corner. From 
      the second repulsor, you can jump to the next corner (booster skates 
      help). The repulsor pads on the wall with the force door are only 
      operational near the ceiling (as indicated by the symbols on the 
      walls).  Jump Boots are very handy here, but not necessary.

LEVEL 5 (Flight Deck):

3 Energy Charge Stations
1 Cyberspace Terminal
2 Hidden Doors
  Computer Node: South-central by Charge Station and Biohazard area

Codes: 001 - Escape pods

Wire access Panels:
by Freight Elevator  Red 1-3, Blue 4-1, Violet 2-5, Yellow 6-6

Grid Access Panels:    1, 2, 3

Flight Deck 2 3 (Main)  E1, E3 

FD 2 3 (Iris door from) E1, E3

FD 2 3 (Iris door to)   D1, D3

Hint: In Flight Bay 4, there is an opening up on the wall that you will
      have to use your Jump Boots to get to. I found it easier to get
      there by climbing across from the raised ledge nearby than from
      trying to climb straight up from the floor of the flight bay.

Hint: In Flight Bay 4 are two force bridges. One is activated by a
      switch, the other activated by pressing the right buttons on
      the large angled panel on the floor of the bay. Hit the buttons from 
      left to right: ON ON OFF ON ON OFF.  There is no way to get all of the 
      bridge segments on, you will still have to jump at least one gap.

Shield v2 (west - through crawlway and past repulsor lifts)
Blaster (west - through crawlway and past repulsor lifts)
Jump Boots v1 (across force bridge in flight bay 4)
Lantern v2 (across force bridge in flight bay 4)
Target Identifier v2 (south by computer noder & south by Cortex Reaver) 2
Turbo Booster v2 (north central, main corridor where floor tiles gone)
Assault Rifle (NW by ECS behind hidden door & south by Cortex Reaver) 2
Cyborg Conversion (southeast edge)
Cyberspace (northeast edge)

Cyberspace:   Drill v4
              C-shield v5
              Pulser v7 (ICE)
              C-shield v6 (ICE)
              C-shield v7 (ICE)
              Bay door 3 lock
              Flightbay armory lock
              Botbounce game

LEVEL 6 (Executive level):

1 Energy Charge Station
1 Cyberspace terminal
  Computer Nodes: South-central edge, off executive Maintenace crawlway

Codes: 711 - Executive Maintenance crawlway

Cyberspace:  Decoy (ICE)
             Turbo Navigation Booster software (ICE)
             Games v2 (ICE) (Eel Zapper)
             Storage closet lock (by elevator to L7)
             Beta Grove elevator door lock

NOTE: All of the important stuff is in the southwest (Beta quadrant). Head 
      southeast to get there.

NOTE: The switch to disable the force field in the ceiling of the entry
      area (protecting that last Camera) is at the southeast edge by a
      screen (which shows the force field).

NOTE: The switch to allow entry to Beta lobby elevator is in the southeast
      by a screen which shows this door. This door can also be unlocked in

NOTE: To jettison Beta Grove: First, visit all three groves and flip the
      "Jettison Enable" switch in each (in Beta Grove, keep to the right
      to get there quickest). Then try the "Jettison Enable Master
      Control" in the southwest. You should be informed that a relay has
      burnt out somewhere. Go back to level 3 and fix. Then try the
      Master control again (it should work). Now go back to the lobby
      of Beta grove and flip the "Beta Jettison" switch. If a whole
      bunch of nasties are waiting for you when you try this, you are
      on the right track.

Biological Systems Monitor v2 (south edge by Computer Nodes)
MM-76 Accelerator Rail Gun (west)
Infrared Night Sight v1 (Delta grove lobby)
Target Identifier v3 (northwest)
Cyborg Conversion (south central)
ADMinistration access card (northeast)


G1 (Alpha): "Jettison Enable" switch in southeast
            RW-45 Ion Rifle - northwest, in briefcase
            Target Identifier v4 - southwest, behind shrub

G2 (Beta):  "Jettison Enable" in southeast - just keep to the right
            Jump Jet boots v2 (northeast)
            Navigation & Mapping Unit v3 (southwest edge)

G4 (Delta): "Jettison Enable" switch to the west. Head straight into the
            grove from elevator for a few steps, then left.
            1 Energy Charge Station (north edge behind security door)
            Shield v2 (north edge, by Energy Charge Station)

LEVEL 7 (Engineering level):

3 Energy Charge Stations
1 Surgery Machine (Mined! - be careful not to touch them and it's OK)
1 Hidden Door
  Computer Nodes: Southeast

Wire access Panels:
Central hub (Alpha)  Red 2-1, Violet 1-2
Central hub (Beta)   Red 2-2, Blue 6-5, Violet 3-4
Central hub (Gamma)  Red 6-2, Blue 1-1, Violet 4-5, Yellow 3-4
NW (auto-close)      Red 1-3, Blue 5-5, Violet 2-2, Yellow 6-6
Southeast            Red 1-3, Blue 3-2, Violet 2-1

Target Identifier v4 (on dead Mutated Cyborg, south edge by elevator)
Computer Nodes (southeast)
ENGineering access card (southeast, one of 3 ENG cards on this level)
Cyborg Conversion (south central)
Jump Jet boots v3 (west)
RF-07 Skorpion (southwest)
Shield v3 (east)
Enviro-suit v3 (east edge under 'lump of clothes' - hard to see)
Biological Systems Monitor v2 (west)
Turbo Motion Booster v2 (southeast)

LEVEL 8 (Security level):

3 Energy Charge Stations
1 Cyberspace Terminal (south edge)

NOTE: Solve puzzles in 3 different areas to access the force bridges.

Cyberspace: Note from Rebecca
            Military Cybersapce Lock for doors (only in CD-ROM version)
            TriopToe Game (only in CD-ROM version)

NOTE: There is no Cyborg Conversion chamber on this level (don't die here)

NOTE: After clearing out central area, head northwest and take lift. Clear
      all areas here and you will end up in the south area where you will
      find the Computer Nodes. Blow these to reduce level security (some
      stuff that was blocked by level security will now be accessible).
      Continue around the circle on the upper areas of the level and you
      will end up in the northern area again where the force bridge control
      is found. Now you can head into the central tower and up to the Bridge.

NOTE: The COMmand access card gives you SECurity access as well.

Group-B access card (offices at northwest edge)
Shield v3 (offices at northwest edge)
MM-76 Rail Gun (west edge)
Plasma Rifle (west edge in room labeled "Experimental", press button)
Enviro-suit v3 (west edge)
COMmand access card (west edge, on corpse in room labeled "Interrogation")
RF-07 Skorpion (south)
Computer Nodes (south)
Lantern v3 (center and southeast) (2 of 'em)

LEVEL 9 (Bridge):

4 Energy Charge Stations
1 Cyberspace Terminal
1 Hidden door

Wire access Panels:
All                  Red 1-4, Blue 3-2, Violet 2-3, Yellow 4-1

Isolinear Chipset (east area, in cage)
Computer Program Entry panel Circuit Board Slot (west area, past force doors)
Sensaround Multi-view Unit v3 (northwest)
Shield v4 (north edge)
Nav/Mapping Unit v3 (northeast edge)
Jump Jet boots v3 (northeast edge)
Target Identifier v4 (south)

NOTE: You must solve wire access puzzles in three different areas of this
      level to lower the 3 force doors blocking the Computer Program Entry
      panel. Insert Isolinear Chipset into panel to open the central core

NOTE: The isolinear Chipset is in a tiny cage. Hit button on wall nearby to
      activate teleporter.


1) Disable Laser
* Get X-22 Isotope from L2 (southwest). There is a button on the wall next to it to lower the force field.
* 'Use' Isotope on panel at Shield Generator on Level R (southwest)
* Enter Laser Override Code (199) on Level R (west)
* Fire Laser on level 2 (central area)
- this action will enable the elevators to level 6.

2) Jettison Beta Grove on level 6
* Activate "Jettison Enable" buttons in each of the three remaining groves (G1, G2 , G4). In Beta Grove (G2) keep to the right.
* Flip "Jettison Enable Master Control" in extreme southwest.
* Return to level 3 and finish (maintenance doors will now open).
Find Relay 428 and repair with an Interface Demodulator.
* Flip "Jettison Enable Master Control" switch on level 6 again.
* Push "Beta Jettison" button in lobby of Beta Grove.
- this action will enable the elevator to level 7.

3) Destroy antennae
* "Use" Plastique (4 units) that you found on level 4 on the antenna panels. Make sure that you are far away when they go off. One of antenna traps you with a force door, and you die (so make sure that the Cyborg Conversion chamber for this level has been found and fixed before you try this). There are ways to survive this if you are clever.

4) Destroy the reactor (and entire station)
* Collect the 6 digits for the Reactor code on levels 1 thru 6. On each level is a screen showing one digit. These screens are always found in the same room as the Computer Nodes, and cannot be destroyed. When you recieve authorizatiom from Earth to scuttle the station (after destroying the 4 antenna on L7) go down to level R and enter the core of the Reactor (which until this point is blocked by gratings). Activate the Repulsor lift to rise to the controls. On the keypad you find there, enter the first three digits (from L1 to L3), and then the second set of three digits (from L4 to L6), and then throw the large switch next to the keypad.
* Zip up to level 5 and hop into an escape pod (code 001). Be warned that there will be nasties all along the way to stop you (this step is optional).
- this action will open that first locked door on level 8. You have to bump into it to make it open.

5) Destroy Shodan
* Find Isolinear Chipset and "use" it on the Computer Program Entry panel to gain access to the central area.
* Battle Shodan in Cyberspace. If the battle ends and you just get a still shot of Shodan's face - you lost (try again). Shodan is a large gray cone-shaped thing an an area of Cyberspace on level 9. This area is off to the side of the main current flow, so if you just let the current carry you, you won't find it. Explore.
Start blasting away as soon as you find her. She will immediately make it just about impossible for you to control your movement, and at the same time start obscuring your vision pixel by pixel. If you don't nail her by the time the screen is completely filled in, you lose. I found that the only solution is to just continually fire my Pulser as fast as I could (whether or not I had her lined up in my sights at the time).


  • There is a lot of variability in the items that you find when searching dead foes. If you fight a battle and Save your game before searching the dead foes, you can then search the bodies and if you don't like what you find.. just re-Load and re-search. This is particularly handy on Level 1, ... just Save before you search a dead human, and then re-Load and re-search until it coughs up a SparqBeam weapon (sure beats that old Lead Pipe when you are just starting out).

  • Retina Scan - on level 3 there is a door that requires a retina scan. You must find the severed head of Abe Ghiran (found in west area of level 3).

  • Virus Mutants on level 2 - These mutants are behind a force field, and will be released automatically when you reach the correct point in the game. Nothing you can do until then. (Trigger is jettison of Beta Grove on L6).

  • Elevators don't work - you will get a message that elevator power is being diverted somewhere. After completeing the appropriate task (usually resulting in the destruction of the 'somewhere'that the power was diverted to) the elevator will be enabled.

  • Dermal patches have side effects - example: using a Sight patch will work for a while, but afterwards your sight will be poorer than originally, and application of further Sight patches will not work. Use a 'Detox' patch to remove side effects from other patches as well as to recover from radiation damage in "hot" areas.

  • Broken doors - some doors are 'broken beyond repair'. There is nothing that you can do.

  • Maintenance doors on Level 3 - are locked and give you the message that 'no maintenance required'. They will open after you have first attempted to flip the 'Jettison Enable Master Control' on level 6 (after flipping the 'Jettison Enable' switches in each of the 3 groves on level 6). You will just have to come back later.

  • Reactor destruct code is different for each game that you play.

  • Each Cyberspace terminal leads to a seperate enclosed area. You may be able to see some of the other areas, but cannot reach them until you get to the appropriate terminal. Each time that you enter Cyber- space, you have only a fixed amount of time before Shodan detects you and wipes you out. If you are killed in Cyberspace (Integrity Failure) the next time you enter your total time will be reduced. You may wish to Save your game before entering, and practice until you can clear out an area and leave via a normal exit. Then Save again and go back for the rest of the stuff.

  • Edward Diego (the Cyborg version) will teleport away when you have injured him sufficiently during your first two encounters. The third time is a charm.

  • Play all of those cool Games you picked up in Cyberspace !! (Note that using a Reflex patch will greatly increase your luck).

  • You only need to use 1 Interface Demodulator and 4 chunks of Plastique to complete the game.

  • Turbo Booster - select the Booster and then Select 'Item'. You will see that there are two settings for the Booster ("Skate" and "Boost"). The 'Skate' setting will allow your jumps to be higher and farther. The 'Boost' setting greatly increases your top speed, but is very difficult to control.

  • Jumping - use your Turbo Booster on the 'Skate' setting (see above) to greatly enhance your jumping ability.

  • Re-generating Autobombs. There are two places in the game (one in a hallway on level 7, and another in a maze area on level 9) where the Autobombs are constantly generated. No matter how many you shoot, there will always be more.

  • Antenna trap on level 7 - The southern antenna has a force door which closes behind you, trapping you in the explosion. There is an Access Panel behind the door which is exposed when the door closes. The problem is that you do not have the time to solve it. There are several ways around this:

    A) Switch the Cyborg Conversion chamber to ressurect you. After you are killed in the exposion, you are brought back to life.
    * Not the most elegant solution.

    B) Crawl back behind the antenna pedastel (to the side opposite the Plastique) and crouch down. You should take minimal damage.
    * Not the most realistic scenario.

    C) Use a Logic Probe on the panel (be quick !)

    D) Use a Reflex Patch to speed things up (be quick !)

    E) Use a combination of C) and D).

  • The face on all of the screens is that of the infamous Edward Diego urging all station personnel to join him.

  • "Robot Production Cancelled" switch on level 2 - this switch disables the further generation of Hoppers on this level.

COOL STUFF: (listed on lowest levels you may find them, duplicates of many items are found on higher levels).


Biological Sys. Monitor v1 - L1 (north edge)
                        v2 - LR (south by Radiation Treatment station)
Sensaround Multi-view   v2 - L3 (northeast)
                        v3 - L9 (northwest)
Head-mounted Lantern    v1 - L3 (west)
                        v2 - L5 (across force bridge in Flight Bay 4)
                        v3 - L8 (center & southeast) (2 of 'em)
Energy/proj. Shield     v1 - L2 (Delta quadrant, in radiactive storage)
                        v2 - L5 (west, through crawlway past repulsor lifts)
                        v3 - L7 (east)
                        v4 - L9 (north edge)
Infrared Night Sight    v1 - L6 (Delta Grove lobby)
Nav. and Mapping Unit   v1 - L1 (your closet)
                        v2 - L3 (east)
                        v3 - G2 (southwest edge)
Multimedia Data Reader  v1 - L1 (your closet)
Turbo Motion Booster    v1 - L1 (north edge, in radioactive storage room)
                        v2 - L4 (central)
Jump Jet Boots          v1 - L4 (southwest)
                        v2 - G2 (northeast)
                        v3 - L7 (west)
Target Identifier       v1 - L2 (Library)
                        v2 - L4 (north edge & west) (2 of 'em)
                        v3 - L6 (northwest)
                        v4 - G1 (southwest, behind shrub)
Environmental Suit      v1 - L4 (southeast - past door with keypad access)
                        v2 - L3 (southeast, in Abe Ghiran's office)
                        v3 - L7 (east edge, under clothing, hard to see)

WEAPONS: (In order that you first run across them)

Lead Pipe          - L1 (your closet)
Sparqbeam          - L1 (several to be found)
SV-23 Dart Pistol  - L1 (below elevator panel outside hospital)
DH-07 Stun Gun     - L1 (southeast edge)
SB-20 Magpulse     - L1 (behind 'cyberspace locked' doors)
ML-41 Minipistol   - L1 (northeast edge by Computer Nodes)
Magnum 2100        - L1 (southeast edge, behind locked hidden door)
AM-27 Flechette    - LR (northeast - past Zero-G Mutants)
TS-04 Laser Rapier - L3 (south, up a ladder) (great for close range battles)
DC-05 Riot Gun     - L4 (central) (completely worthless !)
ER-90 Blaster      - L5 (west, through crawlway and past repulsor lifts)
MK3 Assault Rifle  - L5 (northwest & south) (2 of 'em)
MM-76 Rail Gun     - L6 (west)
RW-45 Ion Rifle    - G1 (northwest)
RF-07 Skorpion     - L7 (southwest)
Plasma Rifle       - L8 (west edge storage room, button nearby lowers field)


Pulser v1 - L1
       v2 - L1
       v3 - L2 (library)
       v4 - L2 (library) (ICE)
       v5 - LR
       v6 - L6
       v7 - L5 (ICE)
       v8 - L6, L9

Drill  v1 - L2 (library)
       v2 - LR
       v3 - LR
       v4 - L5
       v8 - L9

Shield v1 - L1
       v2 - L2
       v3 - L2
       v4 - LR
       v5 - L5
       v6 - LR (ICE)
       v7 - L5 (ICE)
       v8 - L9


STD     - L1 (STANDARD) (your closet)
MED     - L1 (MEDICAL)  (In room with Cyberspace deck - crawl around)
GROUP-1 - L1 (In room across from Hospital door)
PER-1   - L1 D'Arcy (In D'Arcys office)
SCI     - L2 (SCIENCE) (on cyborg by Cyberspace 2)(also IN Cyberspace 2)
ENG     - L2 (ENGINEERING) (north central - on corpse through teleporter)
GROUP-3 - L2 (by Computer Nodes - hidden in Thermos bottle)
GROUP-4 - L2 (in Library cyberspace)
ADM     - L6 (ADMINISTRATION) (northeast, in large room with many bodies) 
ENG     - L7 (ENGINEERING) (southeast, one of 3 ENG cards on this level)
COM     - L8 (COMMAND) (west edge, approach from southwest)(COM = SEC)
GROUP-B - L8 (offices at northwest edge, room labeled "Interrogation")
PER-5   - L8 (on Diego's corpse)


  • Use 'Alt-H' to turn on the on-line help. This will automatically point out hidden doors for you, as well as some other things that you may have overlooked.

  • Free energy: Turn on your shield and lantern. Now click to activate your Turbo Motion Booster System ("Booster") and click it off. You should get a message indicating a very low, or zero, energy drain. If you get a low reading (not zero), click Booster on and off one more time. You should now have full shield and lantern with no energy drain at all. NOTE: energy weapons, enviro-suit, and jump boots will still drain your power when you use them. (Disabled in the CDROM version).

  • More free energy and health: Always carry a battery (regular or I-CAD) and a First Aid Kit. Throw the battery on the ground in front of you and move close (so that it appears to be fairly large). Then "use" the First Aid Kit on the battery. Or (conversely) throw the First Aid Kit on the ground and "use" the battery on it. It works ! You now only need 1 battery, and 1 First Aid Kit! Make sure that you have turned off the Multi-Function Display to get a clear shot at the target that you have placed on the floor, and that you have adjusted your position and viewing angle to maximize the apparent size of your target. (Disabled in CDROM version).

  • Free Light - Hit 'Escape' key and select options menu. Adjust the 'Gamma Correction' to get all the brightness that you need.

  • Access panels: All you need is 1 (one) Logic Probe. Go up to the panel and Save your game. Now use Logic Probe to solve the puzzle. Write down the solution. Restore game and you know the solution. All you ever need to carry around is just one Logic Probe.


  • Sound cards: Edit the 'CYB.CFG'. The most common problem is an incorrect sound card base address. The file expects the address to be entered in decimal (not hex). Thus address 220H is really 544.

  • "Could not load palette" - this error message indicates that you do not have enough buffers and/or files available to be opened at one time in your 'autoexec.bat' file. Change to 'Buffers = 30' and 'Files = 40'.

  • "Don't salt the fries" - see above about Files/Buffers. This message also could mean that there is a problem with your Sound card or your Video card (among other things). Check the CYB.CFG file to be sure that it has the proper defaults for your system.

  • If using SMARTDRV, use the "C" option to disable the write-back cache (may prevent frequent lock-ups).

  • You may recieve an E-mail from Parovski after she is already dead.

  • "Military Level Cyberspace Lock" doors on level 8 will never open if you have the Floppy disk version of the game. This is a known bug, and is fixed in the CD-ROM release.

  • Cannot put any more messages on map ('Cannot place message'). I found that if I delete a previous message, and then get out of map mode,.. sometimes it's fixed when I try to place more messages,.. sometimes not!

  • Mouse calibration un-calibrates when reloading Save games. You will find yourself drifting backwards even when not touching the mouse. Just quit the game (back to DOS) and restart.

  • Save game files corrupted during save. You either need to increase free Base memory, or total memory. This problem only seems to occur if you have the CD-ROM version and are using the high-resolution graphics options. I found that increasing Base Memory to above 610K free, OR increasing total memory to above 10 Megabytes solves the problem (regardless of what it says in the manual). With 612K free and 8M total, or 550K free and 10M total, it worked fine for me at any graphics resolution (no "ObSys error"). You might want to consider following the advice in the manual to create a special Boot Floppy.


  • Can't use free energy/health tricks (oh well)

  • Your choice of 320x200, 320x400, 640x400, 640x480 graphics (though you may have to wait for the '686 and 64-bit local bus to arrive to use the higher resolutions in full-screen mode). Very pretty.

  • Full speech for E-mail and Logs. Well done. Adds a whole new dimension.

  • slightly improved Intro, Endgame, and cut-scenes

  • Overall, very cool. After I get my 686DX2/200 system it should be even cooler. Great re-playability.


  • Is there any sure-fire way to eliminate the 'Cannot place message' error you sometimes get when trying to place messages on the map?

Title Graphic by Dan Todd of Elite Enterprises

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