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Thread: TDM Fan Mission: A House of Locked Secrets by Gelo "Moonbo" Fleisher (2015/05/28)

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    TDM Fan Mission: A House of Locked Secrets by Gelo "Moonbo" Fleisher (2015/05/28)

    Announcing the release of “A House of Locked Secrets” for The Dark Mod!

    Download the latest version of the Dark Mod here:

    Download the mission here:
    Taffer's Paradise:

    The mission should also shortly be up on the in-game downloader.

    General Notes
    -A House of Locked Secrets is a campaign, with two levels.
    -The mission is also a sequel to the Dark Mod FM “Requiem”. While you don’t need to have played Requiem to enjoy this mission, it is recommended, as it will help you better understand the lore of this corner of the TDM universe.
    -There is a companion novella to this series, Shadowcursed, available at or If you beat this FM, you can get a coupon code for 50% off the price!
    -The map you get of the manor is an automap which tells you which room you are currently in. Use it, along with the compass to help find your way.
    -Most inventory items in the game can be dropped, so no need to carry them around after they are no longer of any use.
    -If you use noclip or other console commands while playing, there is a good chance that you will break the intended flow of gameplay.

    Mapping and Readables: Gelo R. Fleisher
    Voice Acting: Amber Collins, Bikerdude, Commander, Goldwell, Mortem Desino
    Additional scripting: Obsttorte, SteveL
    Additional textures and assets: Bikerdude, Crowind, Fidcal, Flanders, Goldwell, Grayman, Kyyrma, Melan, Nielsen, Sotha, Springheel
    Additional map optimization: Bikerdude
    Custom Soundtrack: Sarah Eide -
    Additional Music: cmusounddesign, Gigagooga, Lee Rosevere, Leonardo Badinella, Marianne Lihannah, NewEonOrchestra, Sarah Eide, Tabias Scot, Zoro.
    Additional Sounds: club20sound, ERH, geoneo0, Grayman, kevinkace, nothayama, qubodup, SoundsExciting, speedygonzo, swiftoid, viznoman.
    Testers: Airship Ballet, AluminumHaste, Baal, Bikerdude, Deadlove, demagogue, Diego, Dunedain19, gnartsch, Goldwell, Lowenz, Lux, nbohr1more, Oldjim, PranQster, SteveL, Xarg

    A note from the author
    After a lot of work ‘A House of Locked Secrets’ is finally ready for everyone to play. More than anything else, this FM was a team project. If the official TDM campaign never gets released, you might consider this to be the unofficial one, as almost everybody on the core TDM team lent a hand toward its completion.

    Of the many contributors, I especially want to thank SteveL whose custom code turned what was just an idea in my head into the FM you now get to play. I also want to thank Bikerdude, who performed a lot of optimization work on the map, and Goldwell whose voice brought to life many of the mission’s characters.

    If you like the music in the FM, check out the work of Sarah Eide ( who composed most of the custom soundtrack. Also, Marianne Lihannah makes a return from Requiem with a few songs, so check out her work too ( They'd both love to hear from you, so if you liked their music, let them know!

    On a personal note, I hope that this FM will give you a few hours of enjoyment, and if it does, feel free to drop me a line either in this forum thread, my work blog, or via email.

    In the future, other writing and game projects seem set to take up a lot of my time, so I give permission for anyone (preferably the TDM team) to update both Requiem and A House of Locked Secrets to fix any bugs or compatibility issues. I just ask that fixes be limited to correcting for glitches or for issues that come up due to future TDM releases. I do give permission for people to make visual & gameplay changes too but ask that you release these changes in a separate version than my release, and I ask that you make no changes to the story, readables, and plot.

    With that all out of the way, I want to thank you again for downloading and playing ‘A House of Locked Secrets’; I hope you enjoy it.

    God bless,
    Gelo “Moonbo” Fleisher
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    Wow! Congrats on the release!

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    I didn't expect it to release this early, I'm kind of impressed. I'll try it out when I have the time.

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    Sequel to Requiem? Can't believe it happened!!!

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    Big congrats to you Moonbo, and everyone involved

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    It's a happy day today, two new huge tdm missions and it is rainy outside

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kin View Post
    It's a happy day today, two new huge tdm missions and it is rainy outside
    Those are the best days to play FMs!

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    Already released?! Gonna be a great weekend it seems Congrats!

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    Really looking forward to playing this. I always thought, out of all the TDM FMs out there, Requiem felt the most like a real Thief OM. I'm sure this will be a similar experience.

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    Great! Congrats

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    I like how the whole spirit realm concept was introduced. I can certainly see it being used to make for interesting scenarios, although the puzzle in the first level was kind of simplistic.

    Has anyone got all 6 secrets by the way? I got 4 of them.

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    For all the doubter's out there about TDM missions This one might change your mind!!

    This thing is a masterpiece I enjoyed the story, gameplay, and atmosphere

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    All done and oh boy what an amazing ride Everything was amazingly great in it that I couldn't go to sleep last night until i finished it and that bad man part scared me a lot. A lot of unexpected scenes that gave me chills. I don't know why but for some reason this reminded me of Memoirs of a Dead God T2 FM.
    I never thought i would say this but to me this is on par with some of the masterpieces of Thief 1 and 2 FMs. Yes, It's that good!

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    The Moddb article has a preview trailer:

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    Maybe I'm a little slow but what am I supposed to do in the underground ruins ? I'm in a giant room littered with corpses and a strange paper saying "Heart in the fire" or something like that but I can't find any switches to press nor secret passages; Just some loot ( Д`)

    This is an excellent mission; Cool architecture everywhere, stunning visuals even with the strange colored lights; The readables are really well written (Except for two or three entries that feel like voicelog but hey it's only my opinion ( ̄▽ ̄) ) and the general ambiance is magnificent. Have you considered partaking in the TDM official campaign ?

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    Look for a place in that room you can use your shovel :-).

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    Looks amazing!

    I'm stuck: when I get the lockpick from Martel's world, it disappears from my inventory when I return to the real world

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    You can't take anything from the spirit world to the real world or vice versa.
    You need to find another location in the spirit world to make use of it.
    Revisit the place where you found Brother Martel the first time.

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    Oh right, I misunderstood the instructions I think, thanks!

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    It's kind of interesting that the first mission does everything in its power to ensure the player learns the new mechanics well and isn't afraid to experiment with them, without beating him/her over the head. Yet some people still get stuck, like Fen Phoenix for a while in his video, and Azaran here. A good reminder that even with good tutorial use, sometimes it's really hard to make people learn things.

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    Yeah, I remember having had trouble with that part as well when testing it the first time.
    Somehow that situation is like 2 dead-ends actually making up a road, if you are are willing to take a short detour through the sewers.
    It took a while for me to get it.

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    Such an original gameplay, story, visuals, etc...., I've spent a marvellous moment with this Fm... Thank you so much Moonbo and congrats for this Masterpiece !

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    Thanks Athalle, I'm glad you had a fun time!

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    im stuck on the second mission, i got a shovel and found some treasure, but i can't find a way to open the gate at the starting point. where's the lever?

    btw this mission look amazing, really well craft !

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    Hey Cardia


    Look for a spot near the fountain (on the right side) that you can use your shovel on to find a door handle. The door handle goes on the metal plate to the right of the bars that are blocking you in.

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