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Thread: Stimulating by command: is it possible?

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    Stimulating by command: is it possible?

    Theoretical question.
    I want to stimulate one object with another. Both IDs are unknown, but I know the radius.
    Is it possible to start stimulating by the command, or maybe there is another solution? The goal is to place complete setting into archetype.

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    I'm not certain I understand. What exactly is the setup? When you say "I want to stimulate one object with another. Both IDs are unknown, but I know the radius.", do you mean that you want objects of type A to send a stim whenever the get within a specific distance (radius) of some fixed object, and objects of type B are to receive that stim only if they too are within that distance of the fixed object? Or do you mean that your type A objects will stim type B objects whenever they are within a given distance of each other? or ...

    I have no idea what you mean by "Is it possible to start stimulating by the command". Do you mean that you want this setup (to be described in detail) to only begin to be effective once the player has flipped a switch? Again, please describe in great detail what you want to have happen.

    Please be very specific about everything.

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    I have scripted event when object B should change its model when object A is activated. No problems to make this setting for existing objects (entering correct IDs into receptron effects), but I want to make this setting ready to use in archetype.
    Object type A is an attached part of object type B, and every certain A should affect its parent B only (leaving another objects B without changes).
    If I add receptron "Change model > Me" to B archetype, it should work. But I don't know how to stimulate it with attached A only. It would be nice to start firing sources (with propagator "radius") after activating. But there are only two options I know:
    1 - permanent firing from the beginning of the game;
    2 - firing once at the beginning of the game.
    Is it possible to relate source firing start with scripted event? Adding metaproperty, maybe?

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    The thread did not live up to the title's expectations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zontik View Post
    Adding metaproperty, maybe?
    Yes. As usual, it's easiest with NVScript.

    Add these to the archetype of object A:
    Script: NVMetaTrap
    Design Note: NVMetaTrapMeta="Meta prop Name, including double quotes"


    It could also be done with NVRelayTrap.
    Design Note:
    NVRelayTrapTOn="[5.00]SomeStim"; NVRelayTrapTDest="<10.00:ArchetypeB"; NVRelayTrapRepeat=-1; NVRelayTrapDelay=2000; NVRelayTrapRepeatOnly=1

    That sends SomeStim, intensity 5, to all instances of ArchetypeB within 10 feet. It sends it an infinite number of times (-1) every 2 seconds. The final parameter isn't essential, but if objectA is turned off, it won't send repeating TurnOff messages to object B. This may look more complex than the first method but it keeps everything contained within the relevant archetypes.
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    I love the second method. Didn't know I could use archetype names in NVRelayTrapTDest description.
    That solves problem. Thanks!

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