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Through the Looking Glass, (TTLG) originated back around '96, as The Unofficial System Shock Homepage, founded by Saam Tariverdi. In time, this site would take on a second staff member, Daniel Todd, change its name to The TriOptimum Corporate Network, and then close down, as the two men who ran it moved on to bigger and better things.

Through the Looking Glass was born. The title, inspired by Lewis Carroll's book of the same name, embodies the concept behind the site. It was, and is, a gathering place for the Looking Glass Fan community to come and celebrate their favorite games together. Since its humble beginning as a little known two man effort, the site has grown to a network of five independent (but still part of a greater whole) sites, and a well equipped staff with a wide range of talents and goals.

Mission Statement:To honor the legacy of Looking Glass Studios, by providing professional, dedicated fansites promoting the Action/Adventure/RPGs created by its members, past and present. These fansites are designed to provide news and media to the fans, display fan-made fiction and artwork. TTLG is also the home of a massive community forum, where the fans can interact with each other, as well as the developers.

The Founders:

Saam Tariverdi: Co-owner of TTLG, and the main behind the scenes force, responsible for all that nitty gritty server and script stuff that we all like to pretend doesn't exist. Saam is the self proclaimed "Greatest System Shock Fan is Existence" ™, and the salter of all fries. His dream is to someday work with his idol, Doug Church, on any game with the words "System" and "Shock" in the title. Okay, scratch that, he wants to work with Doug Church on any game, Period. He is currently attending college, with a computer science major.

Daniel Todd (Digital Nightfall): is who he seems to be. As the artistic co-founder, he is responsible for TTLG's look, layout, and just about everything visual design and navigation related (in other words; blame him). In addition to, he created the four daughter sites,,,, and; now each run by their own staff. Currently he spends his free time working on "The Circle of Stone and Shadow", an unofficial expansion to Thief 2, and writing the Thief-inspired novel "Contravention of Thieves."

General Staff:

Msledd Saam calls her our Server Goddess. Dan likes to call her TTLG's Server Administrator. If you see her - thank her. TTLG owes its continued existence to her vigilance.

David is TTLG's 'nice' forum administrator. Apparently.

Gingerbread Man is TTLG's 'scary' forum administrator. He gives people looks which would set mud on fire, and tears them to ribbons when they are naughty.

James Sterrett can usually be found posting about various news articles he's spotted, or has been told about - that is, when he's not working on the farm or writing textbooks.

Owen "Cratus" Angell has lent Saam a helping hand working with several of the site(s) scripts and code. Staff:

Alexandria "Dashjianta" Thomson is webmistress of The Circle, TTLG's most active site, and in charge of upkeep, care, news, and content.

Elenkis is webmaster of The Circle, also in charge of upkeep, care, news, and content. If Alex can do it, Elenkis can to; and vice versa.

Fett is the author and keeper of The Circle's extensive walkthrough resource. Staff:

David is one of the webmasters of our System Shock 2 daughter site, He is in charge of keeping the site up to date, putting up fresh content, and thinking of new ways to improve the site for all you Shocklings.

Tim (Fat Burrick) is the chief leprechaun tamer. He tames leprechauns!

Gray is the walkthrough guru. He has the answers, and is in the know. Staff:

Eberon is custodian of Deus Ex Machina. Fighting an uphill battle against neverending odds, Eberon is a web warrior who encourages you to please send him content for our site. :) Staff:

Elenkis manages the Abyss, dealing in news related to Arx Fatalis, and the Ultima remakes.

TTLG Classic Website Credits:

Jörg Fischer: Terra Nova World Editor
J P Morris: Hacker's Guide to Sin
Yogimus & James Sterrett: Arsenal
Mitch Aigner: Underworld & System Shock 1 Walkthroughs

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