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What aspect(s) of Thief 2 (T2) are you working on now?

I am project director, so I try to keep everything on schedule and on budget. I also try to keep all of the different parts of the team, i.e. the designers, artists, and programmers on the same page.

I'm working on the code side of the street.

Level Design

Motions and creature speech on T2; I'm also working on a multiplayer prototype for a future Thief project. So far this latter has only involved saying to the programmers "so it crashes in multiplayer when you do X" over and over for different values of X.

I'm kibitzing on everyone else's levels, plus doing a couple on the side myself. I'm doing a fair amount of new script programming, taking point on a number of new features from the design side with the programmers, maintaining the gamesys ... did I mention that I make mounds and mounds of julienne fries?

Level design. Building out Mission 6.

Currently I am writing and directing the mission briefings and doing some level polish on one of the levels. I am also the Garrett spokesmodel for the cutscenes.

Iím currently putting the finishing touches on the Thief 2 demo (which is actually a modified version of one of the full gameís missions) - bug fixing and the like. I wonít give too much away, but the mission takes place mostly on the rooftops of a section of the city known as Dayport. You can simply complete your objectives, or wander around the rooftops breaking into houses/castles and exploring. When that babyís in the bag, Iíll continue work on architecture construction for the full game, specifically, the lighthouse. Iíve also done a lot of work on the per-mission fiction.

Iím a senior designer and a level builder. I work on most design aspects, including mission design, fiction writing, and technical stuff.

I'm working on game design for Thief2.

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