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How would you rate your co-workers?

I think the answer to the last question already answered this one. It's great to be part of a powerful team who close collaboration strengthens each one of us.

They're the most.... interesting.... group of people with whom it has been my pleasure to work. They're one of the reasons that I love my job as much as I do.

8.23 out of 10

Mostly taller than me.

Well, I'd probably stand them up in front of a crowd and see which one got the most applause. But that's beside the point.

I'm not comfortable with that question. May I have another, please? Everyone here is very nice and very creative.

Iíd give them about a 9.5. Great composition and lyrics but I canít dance to it.

One of the things you worry about when you start any job is how cool your co-workers will be. I honestly couldnít ask for a better working environment, or more creative, intelligent, downright awesome fellow designers. We really do have an incredible team of people together for Thief 2.

Iím frequently astounded at the large amount of brilliant people who work here. It seems unfair somehow.

I'll rate Terri a 8.9 for the somersault half-sideways flip. Rich is slippery when wet. IIkka is rated unsafe for highway driving. Sara is compatible with Windows 98, but requires a hardware card to avoid grumpiness. Steve is rated 4 stars and a spreadsheet. Mike is rated illegal for transport across state lines. Dan is rated G, where the G stands for "gotta get a Guinness." Laura is rated as containing foul language and soothing lavender candles. The rating on Randy's hair changes as the color and temperament of his hair changes. Mark is rated too awful to mention and will thus be unnamable, oh damn already named him. Emil is rated M for mature situations (like fatherhood, you old codger). Bill is rated a dangerous influence for introducing me to Blenheim, ginger ale and sinus cleaner of the gods. The rating for Tim has not been finalized as he keeps changing the parameters. Alex was rated 16 but this rating caused a malfunction in the revision control system. Rob doesn't get a letter grade but does get a smiley face passed through the bars of his cell. Justin's rating is only given out on one of them James Bond need to know basis and you don't need to know. Finally, Pat is rated crazy for putting up with the rest of us.

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