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How much 'shroom tea do you drink a day, and how much does it affect your work?

I just drink robo-coffee from the famous LG robo-coffee machine. There's Nothing like a cup of robo-cafe-mocha to get you cranked up when you first get to work.

I don't recall drinking any 'shroom tea. So if I drink any, it must be quite strong, and apparently affects me all the time. On the other hand, I do often spend time hopped up on sugar... mmm.... ssssuuuugggggaaaarrrrrrr.

I don't like hot liquidy substances. I hate soup, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and anything else that is hot and wet.

Tea, ick. Dead leavesies stagnant-rot in water. Much better, coffies, sugarsweet and light.

Actually, I still have a bunch of mushrooms left over from Underworld. I wonder if they're still efficacious?

My parole officer says that it’s better if I not answer.

Actually, the new blend of coffee in the FiltaFresh machine is enough to knock you on your ass (or make you nauseous on the subway when you’re going home at night…)

Brainwash!! Coffee!! Mountain Dew!!

I drink Blenheim, the only ginger ale that makes your head spin and your nostril hairs stand on end.

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