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How do Burricks taste?

I haven't personally been able to catch one, but I hear they're a little like chicken only a bit more greasy.

Depends on how you cook em. For a serving suggestion, see the "special mission" in Thief Gold. Playtest tried it out in real life before they could recommend it to Lord Bafford.

Unfortunately, Burricks are fictional characters and do not exist. Back in my Med-school days, I studied a lot of genetic engineering. I am a practicing mad scientist and I have a fictional Ph.D. in Mad Science, so maybe one day I will sneak into the Genetics' Institute across the street and play around with some DNA polimerase and some reptile DNA and see if I can make a Burrick. If I am successful, I will let you taste one for yourself.

"Like chicken." Wait, no, everyone is going to say that. There's this Indonesian fruit called durian which, if you try and order it in a restaurant and don't look familiar with it, the waiter will warn you off: "Americans really don't usually like this." An experimental taste at dinner once caused people to decide that it was a cross between vanilla and swamp gas. Burricks taste like durian.

Sabor de pollo, as they say in Barcelona.

Well, everyone is going to say that they taste like chicken. If they say that, they've never tasted one. Burrick flesh, if cooked tastes like burnt rubber soaked in sour mash. It isn't very good, but flambeau, it makes an excellent centerpiece for the holiday table.

Like I ate it several hours ago.

Never tried one, but if they taste as bad as they smell, count me out.

Iím a vegetarian.

Excellent! They're sorta salty, so saute 'em in butter to mask the oilyness. I eat them with a nice dry Chilean merlot. There's a great recipe for Baked Burrick in The Medieval Joy of Cooking if you want them in a fruit tart. Hmm, I may have to add that into one of the library in my new level, heh heh.

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