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What was your favorite mission in T1?

The haunted cathedral mission.

People may hate me for this, but I really liked the Bone Hoard. The zombies were just the right level of scary for me, I really got hooked into the mission.


Bafford, it's the only one I actually finished. I know, I know, that's awful, but I get motion sick playing too long, so I never really got good at it.

Bonehoard. See, I'm weird. ; )

I really loved Thieves Guild. It was a good challenge and had a lot going on.

I loved the gameplay and mission structure in Assassins, but I have to admit, I also loved the freeform style of wandering around the "ruined city."

I canít really appreciate the game at all. I saw it mature from a fledgling state where it was totally broken to its current state, so I know about everything that goes on behind the scenes. The illusion is broken for me. I have the most fun when the game is unpredictable and something happens that I didnít anticipate. The Thief missions all seemed like good ideas to explore the stealth gameplay of the engine, but I donít play any of them for fun. The Thief 2 missions, on the other hand, develop a lot of our original ideas in cool ways that I am psyched to play through when the missions are completed.

'Assassins' because tailing other people was such a different gameplay paradigm for a FPS.

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