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Which gameplay style in T1 did you prefer?

When I started out i liked fast as possible, but I grew to prefer total non detection.

I went for total-annihilation (at least, to the extent possible on expert). If they were human, I knocked them out, if they were non-human, I killed them. I wanted them out of the way so that I could explore the architecture at my leisure.

Swords are for weenies. Dammit Jim! I'm a thief, not a murderer. Stealth is the only way to go.

Not totally dying. See above for description of my lameness.

I improvise. I shoot for total non-detection, but I try to always be ready with an escape plan, or to fight if need be. I'm not dogmatic about it.

No comment here. I just like the game and thought that it was very innovative.

Non detection all the way. It was pretty nerve wreaking to play a game where you canít be seen. You are basically never safe until the game is done.

Iím into total non-detection. If you want a real challenge, use Dromed to modify the original Thief levels by removing the blackjack, and then play on Expert level. Youíll find out how good you really are!

The more you rely on stealth, the more fun the game is. I donít even blackjack people unless getting out of trouble requires it. I also like to take a lot of unnecessary risks.

Total non-detection. When I get frustrated I go for total annihilation just cuz it can be real fun to wack mages or guards with the blackjack to relieve some tension, but then I restart and go back to sneaking.

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