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What aspect of Thief 1 (T1) did you work on? If level designer, which mission(s)?

I worked as the QA manager on Thief 1.

I worked very hard on getting through that game on Expert. That was a little bit tough, but extremely fun and satisfying. Prior to it's release into stores, however, I had nothing to do with it.

I finished the Mage Lower level for Thief GOLD.

Again, motions and creature speech, various written texts, and localization. Being in charge of localization seems to mean that I'm the one in until all hours of the morning when the rest of the team is off sleeping because they think we've shipped. The thing I was proudest of was the "I'm going to the bear pit" conversation, which for the longest time was deemed "too long to use" but Dorian eventually was nice enough to put in Bafford.

I guess I'm taking it easy on Thief 2, since on Thief 1 I did all the same stuff plus an awful lot of the game system design. I really only did revisions and touch-up on the missions, though. That would be mainly "Cragscleft Prison" and "The Lost City."

I was at ION STORM, working on Daikatana and Anachronox, during the making of Thief.

On Thief Gold I was a fiction coordinator and author. I wrote conversations, broadcast speech for the NPC’s (Non-Player Characters), books, and Mission Briefings. I also handled localization and did some level design work on Lost City and the ‘Secret Mission.’

Actually, that was before my time, as I was hired to work on Thief 2. Before I came to Looking Glass I was with The Adrenaline Vault (http://www.avault.com), where I reviewed Thief.

I built levels for T1 and did some of the other various design tasks. I worked a lot on Return to Cathedral, Training, Haunted Cathedral (known internally as "Ruined City" or "Window Shopping"), and Escape. I assisted the development (wrote scripts, fixed bugs, etc.) of many of the other levels, especially Assassins and Sword.

I wasn't around then. I joined up starting with ThiefGold and Thief2.

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