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What previous games have you worked on at LGS? Not at LGS?

Flight Unlimited (1), Terra Nova, British Open Golf, Flight Unlimited 2, Thief. The only game company I have worked for is LG.

I worked on Thief Gold, System Shock 2 and did some work on Flight Unlimited III. I haven't worked on any computer games outside of LGS. This is the first gaming company for which I have worked.

Thief GOLD at LGS and I also did some 3D Modeling for a company called Ra Studios (www.rastudios.com) on an unreleased title called Cave Dweller.

I also worked on System Shock 2, and did a lot of the work on the Secret Level in Thief Gold. Before that - no computer games, but writing ten-day 90-person live role-playing games for the MIT Assassins' Guild taught me a lot about general game theory. Well, not game theory, that's a math thing. Theoretical gaming. Oh, and I wrote a five-room adventure game in BASIC once.

Ultima Underworld, Ultima Underworld 2, System Shock, and Terra Nova. Not at LGS, I guess you'd count the volunteer playtesting I've been doing lately for GURPS, my current roleplaying game system of choice. At least, I'm told Steve Jackson Games counts it, in that I'll be getting playtest credits in the upcoming GURPS Japan second edition and GURPS Who's Who 2.

(See previous message.) I also made a dm level for Gearbox's upcoming release, Half-Life: Opposing Force

I did localization and motion capture editing for System Shock 2

Well, I did a little work for Thief Gold (minor design work, some voice acting), and I wrote a good deal of the DromEd tutorial.

Thief and a little System Shock 2 (I implemented the Ops1 in-game cutscene - yea, that one - and some design consulting). Prior to LG (and 9th grade) I used to make dopey primitive computer games on C64s and stuff. Also I’m really into physical, tag-like games… more abstract than live action role-playing, but more sophisticated than tag. They are fun to design and play. And you get exercise.

Prior to Thief 2, I did the 'The Mage Towers' one of the three new missions for Thief Gold. My first published game was Dark Vengeance by Reality Bytes for the PC and Mac. It was a 3rd person fantasy combat/adventure game published by GT Interactive in December '98.

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