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How has your life changed since you started working on T2?

More responsibility, longer work hours, less free time.

It hasn't changed a lot, really. I went to work on Thief 2 right after finishing up Thief Gold, so my work schedule didn't change a lot, but it certainly got less stressful, since Thief 2 is still a decent distance from ship.

Well, I have more money and a new car. Actually my life has never been so good. My creativity finally has an output where it can be criticized and judged and refined into a more finely tuned and efficient tool. I still can't believe that I get paid to sit at a computer all day and get paid to build levels. The whole experience of working on T2 has been completely life altering, but in a good way. In the beginning, I was very worried that I wasn't going to cut it as a designer, so I spent a lot of time working and when I wasn't working I was worrying about work and whether or not I was cut out for it. During this time my girlfriend, who was my best friend in the world, left me. I was putting 100% of my creative energy into Thief and 0% into our relationship. This shock came to me just 3 days before I was asked to finish Mage's Tower, and I spent just about every night in September at the office bringing the Tower up to ship. I converted all my negative energy from my loss into creative energy for Mage Tower. I think Mage Tower has made me the person that I am today because I took out everything I had on that level and beat it to a pulp. I came out of Thief GOLD a new person with a new outlook on life, and I am a completely different person now, then I was in August.

Er, I only really started work on T2 a month or so ago, having come off of Thief Gold, so not very much. I did have to move my desk, so people always come by and ask if Doug is in yet. I feel very secretarial.

Not too much. I did move to Boston from Dallas, Texas which was a welcome change of location. : )

The day after I started working on Thief 2 my father was killed in a folding-couch accident, and my baby brother was sentenced to life imprisonment after selling his soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth, Iíve developed an unhealthy addiction to Ginger Beer, and the apocalypse of Y2K comes ever closer. Otherwise, my life hasnít changed much at all

Well, my life has changed a great deal since I started working on Thief 2, but those changes were brought about by my employment at Looking Glass, not my work on Thief 2 in general. Before coming to LG I worked full-time from home; now I have a 2-hour commute each way to get to the Looking Glass offices (I donít live that far away, but commuter train schedules can be very unaccommodating).
Then of course thereís my seven-week old sonÖ Game design and having children donít exactly coincide very well, as each requires your utmost dedication and attention. That can stretch you pretty thin, but so far things have gone remarkably well (it helps when you have an awesome wife and a happy little baby!). Get back to me when weíre in crunch. <g>

I moved again, I dyed my hair blue, I have more responsibilities at work, I saw Ween in concert for the first time, the network crashed but then it came back up, I formed some new bands, I ordered two cases of Blenheim, I started listening to a lot more Guided By Voices, I turned 25.

Hmm, well I've been slowly constructing this metal eye that I'll be putting in my empty socket and I'm perfecting my craven, thiefly scowl ;-)

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