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What is the stupidest question you've ever been asked in an interview?

AT E3 someone asked me if I liked working on computer games. Duh ???

I don't recall. I've never been interviewed except when trying to get a job, and I'm usually so nervous then that I can't recollect what questions I've been asked. Certainly, the question I liked least was: "What is your favorite computer game?". That's just a tough question to answer.

I can't really think of any unfortunately.

Nobody ever interviewed me before, I'm too low on the totem pole. This is really very exciting! Ask me a hard one, c'mon!

Sadly, it's still several questions until "the 'shroom tea incident."

How do you get them crazy ideas.

"How much 'shroom tea do you drink a day, and how much does it affect your work?"

Actually, this is one of the first interviews Iíve given, but I can certainly think of stupid questions Iíve asked in the past, when doing the interviewing.

Like I said, game developers arenít celebrities, so excepting those with past lives as rock stars we mostly donít get interviewed much. When I interviewed for the job here, Dorian leaned across the table, got right into my face, and yelled "Can you HURL DEATH AT THE PLAYER?!?" I said no, but it turns out that I could, sometimes to excess (see which Thief levels I worked on, above).

"Why do you like games?" Everyone likes games unless they're in denial. The exact form and nature of the game may vary. Everyone finds some form of entertainment they like to play, whether its bridge, betting on horses, chess, quake deathmatching, choose your own adventure books, soccer, hopscotch, or avoiding cracks in the sidewalk. They all have rules of engagement. They all bring elements of competition, risk, and fun.

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