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What do you enjoy most about working on T2? What is the most annoying?

I think the thing I like the most is seeing a game take shape that is more than the total of each individual's work on it. The blending together of everyone's ideas is so much more powerful than each person's individual work. It such a strong, empowering feeling to be part of something like this.

The most enjoyable thing about working on T2 is making a change to the game, and then seeing it appear in the game. Wow. The most annoying thing is that work never proceeds as quickly as one would like.

Working with people who are just as creative or even more creative then I am. The first most annoying thing is DROMED and the second is that my desk is a common area for people to hover around and talk to one another.

Dan's (Dan Thron, not Dan Todd) rants are pretty entertaining, and the occasional donuts are nice. More seriously, I get to work with a lot of brilliant creative people who are a lot better at a lot of things than I am. Annoying - I don't have a lamp!
And we're short on IP addresses so I have to keep swiping other people's computers to test multiplayer. Grump grump.

The coolest thing are all the great people on the team. The most annoying thing is, um, DromEd, our editor.

The best part of working on Thief 2 are when we put our brains together to come up with fiction or game play elements. Iíll just run an idea on the person next to me and then all of a sudden the entire team is in on it. We have synergy, as a team and end result will reflect that.
The worst part is the office politics that so often get in the way. A common misconception of this business is that itís all fun and games. The reality is that this is still a job and we have to make money like every other company. Obviously this can get frustrating.

I pretty much love everything about my job. Itís particularly cool to be able to divide my time/attention between architecture construction and paper design. The most annoying thing? My commute.

The job is wonderful, if extremely demanding. Itís great to spend all day being creative and productive in so many different ways Ė architecture, stories, experiences, writing, coding, etc.. The problem is that you donít actually get to be creative and productive all day Ė there is a lot of overhead work and organization and planning and problem solving and writing email, etc., etc..

Late night brainstorming sessions with a breakthru that reenergizes me for more work and leads me to revelations about some essential portion of a level. Then crashing in DromEd and realizing that the last time I saved was an hour ago and that I'll have to remake changes from my imperfect memory. Then its time to break for a guiness.

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