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Welcome to TTLG's massive interview with the Looking Glass Studios' Thief 2 dev team. The interview was so long that we had to divide it up into one page per question, 17 in all, which also allows our guests to browse through the questions at will, via the main menu.

Ten members of the team, mostly designers, took time out of their busy schedules to answer a list of questions that TTLG prepared in order for the fans to get a feel for the type of team that is working on the game, as well as get some inside information on details of the gameplay. When writing this interview, our contacts urged us to not focus the interview on gaining "the latest scoop" on Thief 2 information, mainly because all that they are allowed to say has already been said. In fact, some of the questions we asked were declined, because the information was still classified. Instead, as I said before, this interview is focused on the talents, inspirations, and goals of this awesome team. We hope you enjoy it!

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A big thanks goes to Steve Pearsall, Alex Duran, Mike Chrzanowski, Laura Baldwin, Tim Stellmach, Rich Carlson, Rob Caminos, Emil Pagliarulo, and Rafael Jabulani Brown for doing the interview, and a huge thanks goes to Randy Smith for making it happen at all!

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